Rascals sweets are coming back to South Africa!

Squish! Squash! A bubbly boom; the Rascals make the fruitiest chews. The flavour never stops – oh no – with the Rascals’ fruity pops!

Yip, it’s official; Rascals are back on the shelves!

‘Scuse the teensy pic, it’s all I could rip off the net.

They’ve also got a Facebook page, website and twitter account and swear that nothing’s changed; they’re still the exact same sweets you know and love.

There’s only one way to find out so if you’ve spotted the new Rascals out and about please tell me where you found them. Also, if you tasted them, fill us in on whether they’re still the same ‘fruitiest chews’ we grew up with in the 80s. (I was always mad about the lime-flavoured green ones and can almost taste them as I type…

Love, love


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20 thoughts on “Rascals sweets are coming back to South Africa!

    1. They’re going on and on about how they ‘promise they taste the same’ so I bloody hope so. If not, it could backfire for them big time ‘cos everyone’s now got great expectations.

  1. OMG… Leigh, this taste NOTHING like the original! One bite of the green and you will be disappointed… that fruity lime taste that i used to love – its not there. its just bland.
    But maybe not everyone will feel the same way

    1. Nooo! So sad to hear that. Going to find a packet and give them a bash ASAP but you’re not the first person to say that they’re disappointed. ;-(

  2. They don’t taste near the same!! As much as I hated them, there is no watermelon flavour!! They just like m&m’s! I remember them being chewy but softer in the middle than they are! And they were round.

    1. I’m only hearing negative comments now. Several people have said they’re kinda like a poor man’s Skittles. Vok. So far I’ve only found the ‘sour’ ones which were rather nice but obviously I wasn’t comparing them to something else.

  3. They are definitely not the same! VERY disappointing 😦 Not even the same shape! This does not bring back the good childhood memories I have of the purple Rascals Man…I hope the original will come back!

    1. Ja, I’m with you. They’re not the light, fluffy chewy balls they used to be. They’re more ‘dense’ and remind me too much of mini Skittles.

  4. Hey hey, yes that’s true.

    We just received our stock this week.

    Come to Makro Germiston/Edenvale, we have tons of stock, and 3 different variants.

    Call 011372-0400 for more info, or go on our website http://www.makro.co.za.

    EnjoY it

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