Jane Iredale Tantasia

Still trying to find ‘The One’ in regards to self-tan? You might be interested in Tantasia.

Tantasia. It sounds like a pole dancer, but it could be your new, best friend.

New from mineral lovin’ Jane Iredale, Tantasia is one of the cleverer new self-tanners in that it auto-tunes to your most flattering shade of bronze. Thanks to acetyl tyronsine (don’t worry, I have no clue what that is either) and Monk’s pepper, it ‘accelerates the simulation of melanin synthesis’. In plain ole English, this means it’ll help you get your bronze on faster than other self-tanners. The formula also contains other fancy-sounding ingredients that ensure your ‘tan’ is more even and natural-looking – never an evil shade of Oros.

More good news? The bronze tinted gel has a fresh citrus scent that doesn’t turn nasty as it starts to develop. It’s also deliciously hydrating thanks to mega moisturizing wheat protein, so it can be used on your face in place of your daily moisturizer on days when you need an instant colour boost.

Love that!


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