Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt is amazing

How’s this for serendipitous? I was sitting in the bath the other night, examining my wonderous Jane Iredale Magic Mitt, R169,95. I love the bloody thing, but had noticed that it was starting to look a little bit… er… mank. (I have a terrible habit of just leaving it lying sommer in a pool of bath water and don’t always wring it out and hang it up when I’m done…) Anyhoo, the very next day, I received a surprise ‘thanks for you support this year’ pakkie from the Jane Iredale  peeps and lo and behold, it contained a brand spanking new mitt! Yayness!

Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt. Love it!

Now let me tell you why I love it so darn much… Essentially, it’s a little peach-coloured mitten made from a seriyasly clever cloth. Like, you know those amazing ‘clean it all in one shebang’ towels they sell on Verimark? The one’s that are woven out of fancy micro-fibres that manage to wipe away all kinds of grime without a drop of detergent? Well, that’s pretty much how the Magic Mitt works… It’s so good, in fact, that it takes off foundation, gloss, mascara, you name it… without A DROP of face wash! All you need is a little water, or to wet it, and Bob’s your uncle! It even exfoliates your skin just a teeny tiny tad, yet is gentle enough for everyday use and won’t give any hassles to le allergy babies.

So ja… much like the Twista Chopper, this is one gift I love giving. I dig handing it over to my mates who are all like ‘A bath glove. Oh. Thanks…’ Then, without fail, they call me up within the week to rave about, babbling stuff like ‘Flip! How awesome is that little glove?!! It works like freaken’ magic!’ And I’m like, ‘that’s whhhhy it’s called a MAGIC mitt. Duh’. Put one on your Christmas list girls. I know you’ll thank me later.

Love, love


2 thoughts on “Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt is amazing

  1. Hi Leigh .. I LOVE the Magic Mitt! Have used them in the US for four years! Any ideas where I can buy one in SA as I have moved back. I walked the streets in Rivonia to all Salons but none of them had them or knew what I was talking about? Can you help??

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