Want top spray tan tips?

Last night I got spritzed with Caribbean Tan courtesy of my gorgeous spray tan gal, Lisa Telo.

Stunsville, right?

Periodically exposing my winter whiteness to a perma-bronzed goddess that looks a bit like Jessica Alba isn’t the ‘funnest’ thing I could on a Tuesday eve, but Lisa’s a serious pro. Trust me. I fight my natural ghostly hue as through it were a disease, so I went through a zillion spray-tan gals (and a boy) before finding her. She has a God given talent for creating an unbelievably natural looking glow.

Anyway, while getting my bronze on, I took a few before and after shots, but they came out a bit horrid. I ended up looking like a ‘mirror slet’, one of those desp gals that take piccies of themselves nekkid in the bathroom mirror and ‘accidentally’ leak it out on the net. So ja… I can’t give you any visuals.

However, I did get her top spray tanning tips – and made sure she didn’t spout the same old kak you can read about in any other mag. These are good! Kinda like the things your spray tan gal won’t tell you – unless you totally harass her like I did, with a pen and notebook in hand…

So, first up, Lisa is all about exfoliation, but thinks gels and scrubs are rubbish. Instead, she suggests you get your hands on a ‘manual’ skin remover like Sh’zen Skin Stimulator. Your second best bet is one of those el cheapo hard-ish, square yellow sponges with the big holes in them. ‘You can get them from Dis-chem’, she says. (Must say, I actually own one of them and they’re utterly fab. They’re hard enough to buff off any prior self-tan and leave your skin baby soft and ‘glowy’ looking.)

Her other top tip? After you’ve had a spray tan and want to get rid of any residual stickiness, simply dust your bod with baby powder. ‘I almost never tell clients this because you end up looking disgusting – like you have leprosy!’, says Lisa. ‘They call me in hysterics saying, “Oh my God, it looks terrible! I’m sure it’s going to streak now. What do I do?!”, but all it does is absorb the excess self tan and whisk it away from your skin. You will come out looking good… in the end’.

Last night, I wasn’t sticky or brave enough to try the baby powder tip, but I certainly have come out looking good. Office Christmas party, here I come.

Want to try squeeze in a booking with Mevrou Telo? Check out her website and give her a ring.


3 thoughts on “Want top spray tan tips?

  1. She gives the best advice and super amazing at making you have a tan that looks natural. If you have not gone, treat yourself! For the love of less shiny white pasty people running around in Cape Town, do eet today.

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