The Body Shop’s ‘The Joy of Sparkle’ Christmas collection

Ho ho ho!

Some fab new Christmas goodies from The Body Shop have come my way thanks to Lana-Anne, their lovely PR peep. I love going to collect stuff from her ‘cos we always end up having a nice, fat skinner. And look – she even draws sweet little things for me on the envelopes containing her press releases.

Love that Lana-Anne...

Now, let’s talk product!

 The Joy of Sparkle collection is all about sexy shimmer. It includes twinkly eye shadow, irridiscent glosses and glittery nail polish. The jewel in its sparkly crown, however, is the Sparkler in Boudoir Pink, R195,00.

Such pretty packaging. I can totally see this sitting on Paris Hilton's or Christina Aguilera's dressing table...

Despite being called Boudoir Pink, this vintage-style atomiser actually delivers a beautiful, even veil of silver hued sparkle. The particles are super-finely milled and come in three different sizes, so they create a beautiful-looking multi-dimensional glow. (Trust me, this isn’t your average horrid, chunky body glitter – best observed at low version matric dances in town’s with names like Poffadderspruit or Velskoenville… Oh no…)

I spritzed it on my arm to show you what it looks like and was a bit heavy handed as I was scared it wouldn’t show up in the pic, but you still see that it’s class, not crass. I look forward to misting it in my hair for the office Christmas party.

Did I mention it's got a delicate floral scent? Love that!

I also received one of the collections two Eye Palettes, R205,00, called Twilight. Each palette contains four velvety soft, shimmering eye shadows and a highlighter that can be used on your eyes or cheekbones. (The highlighter has a slightly different texture to the shadow – it’s more like a glitter-infused balm).

Two top shades are Violet Sky and Damson Velvet. Bottom shades are Lilac Mist and Pink Champagne. The hilghlighter is called Pearl.

I had lots of fun taking ‘swatch shots’ to show you.

With flash. Shades from L to R: Pink Champagne, Lilac Mist, Velvet Damson, Violet Sky and Pearl.


Without flash.

Over the weekend, when I have time, I’ll use these babies to whip up a smouldering ‘party eye’ for you. And, ‘cos I’m a total darling, I’ll give you a step-by-step ‘how to’ so you can recreate the look yourself.

Love, love



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One thought on “The Body Shop’s ‘The Joy of Sparkle’ Christmas collection

  1. Want this so much now. I’m still sorry that they discontinued their shimmer cubes. Still have one though. They last forever and ever. But I want more.

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