The Body Shop’s Stop Sex Trafficking campaign

Are you sitting at work bored out of your mind stalking the Ghosts of Ex’s Past on Facebook? Instead, use your time for a good cause and help The Body Shop with their Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People campaign.

It’s easy – all you have to do is ‘like’ the campaign on their Facebook page or ‘donate’ the space you usually use to host your profile pic to the cause’s logo. (Don’t worry, it’s only for 16 days, from the 26th of this mo until the 10th of Dec, so you can slap that sexy shot of you back in place towards the end of the mo. Naturally, you want the douche who dumped you like a rock in Std. 9 to see just how fabulous you turned out…)

You can also pop into any one of their stores and sign their petition. They aim to scoop up a good 200 000 signatures by the end of the year and so far, they already have 40 000!

Last, but not least, toss a Soft Hands, Warm Heart hand cream into your trolley.

Soft Hands, Kind Heart hand cream - doin' it for the kids...

It’s a mere 65 bucks and all proceeds go towards the campaign. Infused with softening angelica extract and Community Trade Olive Oil, you’ll be guaranteed of baby soft mitts and more than a handful of good karma.


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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