Go for gold with Guerlain’s holiday collection

Oh gorgeous Guerlain…

I’ve always been entranced by this brands beautiful packaging and spend so much time admiring it in store, I’m sure their sales assistants have flagged me as a potential shoplifter. Something about their Terracotta line’s luxe-looking tortoiseshell packaging that just does it for me. It’s so ‘sexy-retro-70’s’ and reminds me of my most glam-tastic Aunt Ethne’, a woman who once rocked hot pants, heels AND A CLOAK to the PE dolphin show. She was a fan of their huuuge multi-coloured bronzing powders and always carried their big, gold lippies in her bag.

Anyhoo, the brand’s new Christmas collection is out and I thought I’d give you an eyeful of my favourites…

First up, we’ve got the Meterorites Poudre d’Or compact, R1 140,00. (Yes, a little part of me died when I saw the price, but at least you’ll look fab when the repo men pitch up. You could even think of it as an investment – it’ll help you out while you bat your lashes at them so as to ‘cut a deal’/desperately beg them to at least leave you your photo albums…) 

You can’t see it in this pic, (below), but the case is covered in real black Swarovski crystals! And look at the pretty signature ‘Geurlain bees’ stamped into it. I’ve always been a total sucker for ‘picture powders’.

The compact I

Now take get a load of Ombre Eclat eye shadow palette in Velours d’Or, R595,00. Could you ever bring yourself to actually use it?


They’ve also brought out 3 limited edition shades of lippie.

From L to R: Rouge Imperial, Rose de le Reine and Bee.

In the foreground is Kiss Kiss Strass in Rouge Imperial – a zexy ruby slipper red. Behind it is another Kiss Kiss lippie, Rose de la Reine, a luminous shade of mid-tone pink. The sultry looking plum number whispering your name is a special holiday collection Rouge G Le Brilliant lippie in Bee. All lippies are R485,00 – a justifiable price if you’re a beauty freak like me. Just make sure you absolutely adore the shade before you slap down your plastic.

Rouge G’s have rather innovative packaging in that each tube boasts a flip out mirror. Check it out:

Impressive, ne? FYI, this shade isn

Love, love, love? Rouge G won Marie’s Claire magazine’s Pri de Excellence award for best make-up the other day, just so you know…

Now tell me girls, if you could pick just one thing, what would you go for? (I’m totally feeling the rosy coloured lippie – if only for its opulent-looking gilded case. Am quite sure Aunt Eth would approve…)


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One thought on “Go for gold with Guerlain’s holiday collection

  1. Hey Leigh! I’ve got a rouge G lippie and its the best! Totally worth every cent. Feels so nice and heavy in your hand. It’s like a piece of art. Loving your writing, please don’t stop! :=)

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