Win with La Prairie’s advent calender competition!

If you just love, LOVE La Prairie, make a point of visiting their website next mo in December. They’re running a cool ‘advent calendar’ competition starting on the 15th and ending on the 25th. Each day, you get to view one of their goodies and have to answer a simple question. Get it right and you’ll stand a chance to win it!

To kick things off, the first prize will be their uber-luxurious Art of the Bath gift set.

Soak up the splendour darlings!

I reckon you should bookmark their site right now, ‘cos if you enter every day, you go into the draw to win a sterling silver bottle of their best-selling fragrance Silver Rain.

Silver Rain - an exotic feminine floral and really cool-looking dressing table ornament.

Apparently gorgeous model/actress Angie Harmon wear it. (Remember her from Law & Order? She also featured in Baywatch Nights, landing the job after David Hasselhoff got bedazzled by her hotness sparkling personality after sitting next to her on a plane… )

'Oh David... you're so funny... Tell me that one again about the chicken walking across the road...'

Just one spritz of Silver Rain will cause you to land the lead on an Emmy winning legal drama and win the heart o’ The Hoff! (Okay, maybe not… but you WILL smell ultra delicious, not to mention seriously expensive – a 30ml bottle of the scent will set you back 1080 buckeroos!)

Good luck girls!


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