Clarins score!

Are you a Clarins freak like me?

Dischem Canal Walk is having a seriyas Clarins clear out. Picked up a Clarins Eye Contour Gel for a mere R230,00! (It’s usually R370,00, so that’s a nice, fat R150,00 saving). And they’ve still got LOTS left…

Clarins Eye Contour Gel - sends your bags packing!

I’m a massive fan of this eye product. On those days when I wake up looking like drek with hideous, puffy eye bags, be it due to hayfever, binge drinking or that totally traumatising horse-getting-sucked-into-the mud scene in the Neverending Story, THIS is my knight in shining armour. Seriously. I just tap a little of it’s lovely, cooling blueness under my eyes and, somehow, it manages to drain out any excess luggage and restore me to utter fabulousness in a flash. 

They’ve also got lots of other Clarins goodies marked down to next to nothing – I spotted lots of cleansers and body treatments. I’m sure they won’t last long, so go get ’em girls!


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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