Jean Paul Gaultier says Merry Christmas ;-)

Every season, the peeps at Gaultier have fun dressing up the mannequin-style bottle of their signature fragrance, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique. This year, they’ve done something a little different in that they’ve lost the corset in favour of a ‘sheer metallic veil’. (The fragrance itself, is still the same juice you know and love – a sexy mix of Rose, Orange Blossom and powdery vanilla. Sexy SA pin up, Shashi Naidoo, is a fan…)

The best bit, however, is that it comes with a pretty silver bauble ‘necklace’ that you can remove and use as a haute couture bag charm!

Charmed, I'm sure...

This beats the heck out of the last bling-bedazzled bottle I saw – J Lo’s L.A. Glow. Check out it’s unbearably tacky free cocktail ring. It comes around the neck of the bottle and can be removed, so you can rock the Barbie pink crystal studded dico bolletjie on your finger… Awesome. If you’re ten…)

J Lo L.A. Glow - would they wear it Welgemoet?


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