Are you a PR peep? Read this!

I’m very easy-going in regards to how I work – I don’t send out briefs requesting info on certain things. Instead, as my blog focuses on what’s new and newsy, I like to have relevant press releases/new product sent my way. The key word here, however, is RELEVANT. As my blog focuses on beauty as well as all things glam-tastic, I’m not interested in that hot new insecticide or an uber-exciting funeral policy.

I also like ‘new’ people to introduce themselves to me. Often, I’ll get a mail that goes like this:

“Hi Liegh (sic)


Person I’ve never heard of before
Yet Another PR company”

This always encourages me to press the ‘delete’ key ‘cos all I’ve taken in is a bit of spiel, but have no real idea as to what you want me to do with it. Do you want me to attend the event you’re on about? Do you want me to review the product you’re endorsing? Please be SPECIFIC in your expectations of how you see your snippet fitting in with my blog so as to help me to promote your stuff.

To give you an example, I prefer mails that go more along the lines of this:

“Hi Leigh

I’m So and So from FILL IN PR CO HERE. I deal with accounts x, y, c. I have some news regarding FILL IN FABULOUS THING HERE. It would be nice if you could feature it on your blog. Would you like to experience the product/interview the person I’ve spoken about/come cover the event…?’

You get the idea.

Other things:

  • I think it’s rude when people expect me to write about an event, but don’t invite me to it.
  • I’m uncomfortable endorsing anything I haven’t been able to try, test, taste, experience myself. I’m all about credibility.
  • My reader’s rely on me for an honest write-up. If you send me something and I don’t like it, I’m not going to feature it. Please don’t assume that just because you sent me your super-fancy product with a side order of Lindt, I OWE you a rave review.
  • Really? You’re inviting me to your hot new bar opening sans partner? Gosh. That sounds like fun. Here’s me standing in the corner all alone like Loser Girl while I pretend to tweet stuff…
  • Please remember that I write for my readers, not your boss. PR co’s like to send me releases about how thrilled they are that company X’s CEO got nominated for a We’re So Freakin’ Green/Hey, We Just Sold Our Ten Millionth Hand Cream award. I can understand that that’s exciting news for the company, but my readers seriously don’t care. They’d be more excited if in honour of the award, they decided to have a big fat sale.
  • Don’t invite me to a party so I can cover it’s fabulosity and then give me an invite that doesn’t put me in the VIP room. This makes me sound like a total douche bag, but honestly, how am I supposed to snap a pic of schleb A, B and C and nab quotes if I don’t have access to them?
  • Please READ my blog and get an idea as to what I look like. It’ll stop you from sending me red hair dye a la Ronald McDonald, an XL T-shirt, foundation in a shade called Hot Cocoa or anything else that clearly wouldn’t work for me.

And that’s pretty much it. Like I said, I’m an easy going chica.

Love, love


31 thoughts on “Are you a PR peep? Read this!

  1. Leiiiiiigghhhhhhhhhh! This is BRILLIANT! It’s like you’re inside my head! Next time I get a terrible press release I’m going to send them the link to this page. Hope that’s okay. Sasha. Xo

    1. Ha ha! Love it! Perhaps I should get a random pic too… Michael Knoetze (my boyfriend) sleeping on the couch… My semi-forgotten kitchen cactus; slowly dying as I type… Thanks babe – and don’t worry, this aimed at the KAK PR Peeps – and that’s not you. X x x

  2. Excellent advice Miss Leigh. I too get a ton of press releases in my inbox announcing fab events (without an invite! huh?). Thanks for educating the masses of clueless pr folks in SA (to the good ones – you know who you are) and thank the Pope they are starting to try figure us bloggers out!

    Stiletto Brigade xxx

  3. I couldn’t have said it any better. I just hope that people who have read this actually took notes. Thank you Leigh.

    Andiswa Dlokolo – PR peep:-)

  4. Oh my word this is hilarious – and so, so true! The cut & paste thing grinds me every time. So irritating having to politely respond and not be a total cow about it. Do these people even begin to comprehend the sheer volume of our inboxes? As for the misspelt name – I hear you, but it gets even worse. Most of the time they don’t even bother to find out my name, I just get “Dear The Daily Shoe”. And the *attitude* sometimes when we can’t respond right away! yoh! I am relieved I’m not the only one…. 😀

  5. I love what I am seeing here!! Love love!! You remind me of Fergie from the Black eyed Peas! I bet you have heard this countless times.Brilliant Blog! No wonder voted Top 10 Fashion Blog in SA! Well done! Very refreshing XXX

    1. Hi Botshelo! I haven’t heard the Fergie thing before, but thanks for that – she’s a hottie! Also v glad you’re enjoying the blog x x x

  6. Not even sure how I ended up here but loved your “how to guide” for PR companies. It’s genius, ballsy, but genius! I’ve resorted to just pressing delete, but it doesn’t really solve the problem I guess! I might just copy and paste that as a response in the future! Okay. Stay fancy!

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