Reviews: Loving Touch Allure razor, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Around the World and Avene Cleanance micellar water

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’m a big time #budgetbabe in that I love being able to save wherever possible so I can blow my hard-earned cash on travel*. Thus, I was super impressed by the price point of Loving Touch’s new Allure razor which is cheap as chips – just R38,99 for a handle with a triple blade sporting a vitamin E and aloe vera-infused hydro strip plus a spare blade tucked at the back of the pack.

See that shaving foam in the background? It’s R49,95 at Clicks.

Having given it a bash I can tell you it’s certainly no Venus. It doesn’t pivot and glide over your legs like a dream so you’ll have to flex your wrist a bit but as far as the blades go it gets the job done and will save you a wad of cash. The refill blades, at R24,99 for a three pack, are fabulously inexpensive too.

A closer look.

Something else you should know about is that Elizabeth Arden have brought out another limited edition version of their bestselling Eight Hour Cream called Around the World (R285).

Pretty pretty!

It draws inspiration from the fact that the product’s long been relied upon to solve travel-related beauty problems that range from dry, jet-lagged skin to dry lips from changing climates and aeroplane cabin air conditioning. If you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas gift it’s always a fail safe beauty spoil.

Arden spoiled me with a hamper of treats from Melissa’s and these choc meringues were so epic they deserve a shout out.

Lastly, Avene, a brand that’s always made divine micellar water, have launched a new one – Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance micellar water (R280 for 400ml) aimed at anyone with oily, spot-prone skin.

Bye make-up, it’s been real.

Micellar water is a brilliant buy if you’re currently in a drought stricken area as it’s a great way to take off your make-up and rid your face of oil and grime without the need for water. Simply wipe it onto your face using a cotton pad or ball and BOOM – you’re done – there’s no need to rinse. I have Avene’s ‘regular’ micellar water in my position so I compared the two and honestly couldn’t tell the difference. Both work like a bomb and neither leave my face feeling filming or tight but the Cleanance version contain monolaurin that, Avene reckon, can help regulate your skin’s oil production over time.

It’s not the most wallet-friendly micellar water on the shelf but, if you’re currently using and loving their ‘regular’ micellar water and have oily combination skin then definitely consider making the switch because it works out much cheaper per millilitre. A 200ml regular bottle is R185 so if you were to buy two of them you’d pay R370 which means the Cleanance version saves you a cool R90! This way you’ll have money to buy drugs for the weekend! (Kidding! Drugs are bad. Rather save your cash for a plane ticket*.)

Love, love


*I know many of you are waiting on my post about my recent trip to Kenya and that’s coming, I promise. I just need a solid block of time to sit down and put it all together and that’s something I’m short of right now. I’ll probably do it when I’m ‘on leave’, slothing it up with the fam in Port Elizabeth over Christmas, so, at this rate, you can expect it to be my first post in 2018.

2 thoughts on “Reviews: Loving Touch Allure razor, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Around the World and Avene Cleanance micellar water

  1. Thanks Leigh for trying out the Loving Touch Allure and reviewing; and giving us feedback. It’s good news for other #budgetbabes 🙂

    1. Absolute pleasure! I’m only too happy to snap it up going forward. Blades are shockingly overpriced in this country. It’s a simple switch that will save me big money over time. Hope you have a lovely Christmas x x

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