Who wants to win a R1000 voucher to blow on Clicks’ incredible Christmas specials?

So Clicks totally spoiled me this Christmas with a bumper hamper containing just a few of their super lustable gifts. Wanna see?

Talk about Christmas coming early!

I’m quite keen on trying Revlon’s new Triple Complex Styler (now R399 instead of R499). Apparently the plates are infused with mango, coconut and Shea oil! I have no clue how they did that but, hey, I’ll be giving it a bash soon and will report back. It’s just one of loads of electrical hair items currently on special.

Shamefully, the first thing I did was sniff the plates. And nope, they don’t smell like fruit!

Another special you’ll want to know about is the fact that if you buy ANY three The Body Shop products you’ll get the cheapest free!

I love their Fuji Green Tea range. It’s so refreshing for a hot, South African summer.

Same goes for Sorbet’s bath and body products – buy three and get the cheapest free! And speaking of Sorbet, how adorbs is their new Scent Me Sprays gift set (R275)?

This is part of Clicks’ purple sticker promo. Read on to see how that works.

It contains five 15ml fragrances that can be worn alone or mixed and matched together to create something unique.

I’m most keen on Ocean Mist and Sun Burst. Worn together they create a breezy summer scent that’s great for day time.

Something else you should know about? Real Techniques brushes are currently 20% off!

Yes please!

Also, if you’re one of the many who’s been patiently waiting on Rimmel’s collab with Kate Moss hitting SA shores you’ll be glad to know it’s finally in store!

How mooi is the sculpting highlighter trio?

Anyway, I took a flip through Clicks’ special booklet (you’ll find it in store and lose a good hour pouring through it – so many specials!) and one of the first of many things that caught my eye was this Russell & Hobbs glass kettle.

A cool R200 off? I’ll take it!

I’m also keen to check out Clicks’ new and exclusive Bubbles & Bliss collection.

Anything lime scented is my baby.

And how divine is this flamingo-print Tangle Teezer (R290)?

I’m having a real flamingo phase right now.

I recently did a little shopping on Clicks’ site and used their click and collect service that was super impressive. While I realise I could get free shipping if I spent over R450, it was a mad week and I wasn’t sure I’d be home when it arrived so this made things easy. I got a text message telling me when my pakkie was ready (you can have everything sent to your closest store) and all I had to do was show them the message, which contains a PIN code, and BOOM, I walked out with my goodies.

So, what did I buy? Lots of things, actually, but the highlights include this BaByliss Sublim’ Touch curler (R399).

Hello lovely!

I’ve had my eye on it for a while because I’ve been wanting a BIG barrel curling wand to make loose, beachy waves and this guy’s going to do the trick. For the record, you’ll find many BaByliss products are now less 20%!

I also snapped up my ulimate fave nail colour, Smudge nail lacquer in Haute Couture (R29,95), as it’s currently buy three pay for two. This way I’ve got one for me and two to slip into Christmas stockings.

Yep, I’m wearing on my nails in the pic.

Same goes for Sorbet’s new Quick Dry Spray (R69,95) – it’s also part of the buy three pay for two special – and I’ve been dying to try it. Having used it this morning I can totally give it a Lipglossgirl two thumbs up!

My mom and sis are going to love this.

Also, how can you shop at Clicks right now and not take advantage of their purple sticker special? If you buy any three gifts with a little purple pressie on it you’ll get the cheapest for free! You’ll find most of their foodie treats have purple stickers on them right now so I happily picked up three of my family’s favourite.

Amarula choccies for the brother-in-law (who’ll eat them in one sitting), D’Licious Cappuccino wafer sticks for my mom who better share and Quality Street for my dad.

Anyway, I’ve babbled on enough. Let’s get to the winning bit, shall we? I’ve got a R1000 gift voucher to give away and entering is a breeze. Simply tell me which of Clicks’ specials, be it one I’ve mentioned here or something you’ve seen in store, has caught your eye this Christmas in the comments section below. You can also enter via my Instagram so pop on over there too. (The post should go up just before 3pm.)

This competition is open to South African residents only and closes on 24 December 2017. A winner will be drawn via random number generator and announced via my Facebook page. Are you following it?

Good luck guys!

Love, love


This competition is now closed. Congrats to winner Lolly Ludlow.

219 thoughts on “Who wants to win a R1000 voucher to blow on Clicks’ incredible Christmas specials?

    1. I Would LOVE to buy that baby bliss ,my hair is crying for new styles,The sweet isles are more than my favourite isles like that quality street pkt, I also love the houshold isles where that kettle,need a new toaster badly, lots of goodies to buy and can help family get a few things that are having a tough time,like my daughter,who a single mom,REALLY struggling,she goes without food alot of nightsso her kids can eat.Would be so wonderful to share and win this voicher….

  1. The Mix and Match 3 for 2 special: buy any 3 selected hair care products from the same offer, cheapest 1 free

  2. The BaByliss Sublim’ Touch curler caught my eye. Would love to try it out. Been dying to find a good curler for loose, beach waves. Would be a good difference from having pin straight hair!

  3. I love all the Oh So Heavenly gift boxes. They make the perfect gifts, but I never buy them for myself. With this gift card I can spoil myself for a change!

  4. I’ve been dying to get my hands on the be delicious trio purfume set by DKNY. As a mom I don’t spend money on myself so it would be nice if I could spell nice again (it’s been 3 years since I had purfume 😯)

  5. I am super duper crazy about the new Scent Me Sprays gift set (R275), i love the range this is a perfect gift, smells amazing each one. i can’t even begin to tell you how perfect this is for my female friends they would die xxxx In summer going out and about this is the perfect size to fit in a hand bag excellent brand wow wow wow I am in love ( i may just buy a set for myself too Merry xmas to me hehe) Perfect gift xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -following on twitter @laurengerber1 and Fb XXXX

  6. It has always been a dream of mine to own a proper set of make up brushes. The Real Techniques Bold metals collection is so stunning. ♥♥♥ I was also admiring the Bubbles ‘n bliss shower gels in their catalog the other day. 🙂 Oh my, winning a Clicks gift voucher would be the ultimate blessing. I love shopping at Clicks for baby essentials, gifts and snacks. It is such great value for money, especially 3 for 2 and bulk deals.

  7. The sorbet nail varnishes are the bomb want to spoil my sister and niece has not been an easy year. And my daughter who lives in Oz was her bday on the 15 of December.

  8. Really in need of Revlons triple complex styler. My hair is a disaster and getting this amazing deal would save me from embarrassing hair all the time.

  9. I love all the OSH specials! Buy two get one free. As well as the Real Techniques brushes. LOVE it. Ooooo and dont forget the chocolates and treat goodies…… I am really taking advantage of that specials.

  10. I’m no youngster anymore so the make up specials I just pass by. The Body Shop products however are really luxurious and indulgent so I would just love to get myself some of their specials 🙂

    1. The real technique brush set 😍😍 I have recently taken a liking to makeup, and I am in the process of becoming a self taught make up artist since I can’t afford beauty school. I always opt for cheaper brushes but the brush hairs fall out. It’s really difficult to do flawless make up with those brushes because it makes either my foundation or eyeshadow either streaky or patchy. Plus, I am turning 21 in exactly 33 days so it would be an amazing birthday gift.

  11. 3 for 2 specials . 20% on babyliss products. 20% off on the technique brushes. 20% off on a kwttle. What caught my eyes were the revlon straightener andd the sorbet mist . 😍😍🤞🤞

  12. The Sorbet Scent Me Sprays gift set is my ultimate fave! I love that you can wear each one on its own or match it with another for a brand new scent!

  13. Oh gosh im a huge fan of the body shop and the real technique brushes would be a great christmas present

  14. Who doesn’t LOVE The Body Shop products!! They are a must have and are amazing gifts! Super awesome special: ANY three The Body Shop products you’ll get the cheapest free! Bliss!

  15. My favourites are :
    Almond Milk & Honey Collection gift set from The Body Shop (R500)
    Sorbet Naturally Me Nail Collection set (R99)
    CoLab Dry Shampoo Fruity fragrance (R79.95)
    Chocolates , Chocolates and more chocolates

  16. The real techniques brushes are just so gorgeous as the body shop goodies definitely caught my eye as well as the babyliss curling wand for some waves for my super straight hair

  17. 😉😀🙆‍♀️ The Russell Hobbs kettle really is amazing and perfect for gifting family members❤️❤️❤️❤️😄 Really good quality and full of elegance! Definitely floats my boat😍

  18. Cant decide between the green tea Body Shop products or the RT brushes! Think i need both! Definitely summer must haves! Inlove😍😁🍃🌺🍃🌺🍃🌺🍃🌺🍃🌺🍃🌺🍃🌺🍃🌺🍃🌺🍃🌺🍃

  19. Actually this triple complex straightener in the color papaya as my straightener died on me #ClicksChristmas

  20. The real techniques brushes and sorbet products are a must have! Oooohhh and I am in need of a new hair iron haha

  21. I have bought so many chocolate boxes for birthday and Christmas presents (and Secret Santa) and it hasn’t cost me an arm and a leg. I also love the Sorbet gift boxes – they are so awesome and everyone loves them. Plus – R50 gift card!

  22. It definitely has to be the Sorbet Layering Set, just love that it has a scent for every occasion and that you can mix and match.
    Amazing giveaway, praying I win.

  23. I’d absolutely love to buy the Babyliss Sublim Touch, it’s been on my wishlist since I’ve seen it. Please make my dream come true.

  24. I absolutely love everything in the sorbet range and the 3 for 2 special — Christmas sorted . Imagine a R1000 wow nobody would be left out.

    Also commented on IG — handle : andrea. bester

  25. I love the Real Techniques brushes or the Sorbet Naturally Me collection, I’m really into those shades at the moment. The 3for2 specials are really cool

  26. The 3 for 2 offers are always amazeballs especially with The Body Shop and Sorbet items, but I’m liking the.look of the Babyliss Curler is tickling my fancy as I am a total failure at flat iron curls

  27. Laaaawdy 😍 I have my eye on everything BodyShop!!!! The Strawberry or Moringa gift sets in particular, but owning any other product from their range would be ok I guess 😝😝😝

  28. I’ll definitely be taking advantage and purchasing those Noughty hair products. I’ve been using them for a few months now and I have completely fallen in love! I’ll also buy some treats for my husband, mon and sister. A little something sweet to say thank you.

  29. I just got back from clicks and the 3 for 2 special on the palmers hair products got me super excited! 🥥 🌴

  30. I would have to say the RevlonSA stylist flatiron that you showcased but also that thick barrel curler you bought. I am also looking for one and that price is super cheap. #ClicksSA #LipGlossGirl

  31. The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea range❤ and the Rimmel highlighter were my top choices. But just saw the Tangle Teezer and between me and my 2 mini Rapunzels it is a must!

  32. Absolutely love the bodyshop it’s done wonders for my skin …so the 3 for 2 is a great deal …. the tea tree range is #Bae

  33. l love everything but l’m more intrigued by the Scent Me Sprays gift set (R275) and how you can mix them to get a more intense sent.

  34. I’d spend on any Sorbet, The Body Shop, Real Techniques and Colab products 💕 Currently building a nice collection of makeup brushes, and the few RT brushes I have are superb, so really keen on getting a new powder brush and some eye brushes. Also, I’ve been dying to try the new Colab dry shampoos 👌🏻 I’ve also never tried the Body Shop peel off masks, so they would be a great Xmas treat 😉

  35. will 100% stock up on some yummy smelling body products whether it’s from sorbet or the body shop 😍

  36. I’ve recently starting building a collection of quality makeup brushes, and the few RT brushes that I have are superb. Really keen on getting a powder brush and some eye brushes. Also, I’ve been dying to try the new Colab dry shampoos and the Body Shop peel off masks. So I’d defs be able to stuff my stocking with a nice Clicks voucher 😄👌🏻

  37. Honestly the @revlonsa triple complex styler which was R499 to R399 save a R100 🔥😩 oh and the The Russell Hobbs 1,7lt Glass Kettle for R599 save R200 is most definitely floating my boat ❤️😊🙏🏼

  38. It’s gotta be the Body Shop products! Buy 3 and cheapest free 😍 And I’m in love with the Real Techniques brushes – wowzers!

  39. Those Real Techniques babies are floating my boat for sure 😍😍 every girl whose any girl needs those in their lives incl. me ❤❤❤

  40. The buy 3 body shop products and get the cheapest one free! This is the best deal out there at the moment as I love their products! Such a guilt free way to spoil yourself or someone you care about ❤

  41. The @realtechniques brushes are everything and less 20% is amaaazing as I really need makeup brushes and what better than @realtechniques 😍😍😍😍 #ClicksChristmas

  42. I’m definitely feeling the Real Techniques brushes…I mean, we all know how expensive make-up brushes are and we appreciate a percentage off. I want to perfect my make-up skills in 2018, since I could not beat the eyebrows on fleek gang…I will now join them. 🙂

  43. 😉😀 The Russell Hobbs kettle really is amazing and perfect for gifting family members❤️❤️❤️❤️😄 Really good quality and full of elegance! Definitely floats my boat!

  44. 😉😀The Russell Hobbs kettle really is amazing and perfect for gifting family members❤️❤️❤️❤️😄 Really good quality and full of elegance! Definitely floats my boat😍!

  45. Everything on your post is amazing! 😍 How is a girl to decide? Especially this indecisive one over here. One of their best offers has to be “Buy any 3 gifts & get the cheapest one free” – this is perfect to help avoid overspending & they have a great selection for the whole family. And after saving from that promotion, I could treat myself to some of those Real Techniques Metallic Brushes.

  46. I love the 3 for 2 body shop products and I cant wait to try out the quick dry spray from Sorbet so affordable too Yay!!! #ClicksChristmas

  47. The 20% off Real Techniques brushes looks like a really good deal! I’ve been dying to try their brushes for ages 😍

  48. I loooove all things The Body Shop! So I have been going nuts with the 3 for 2 specials this Christmas season! I would looove a R1000 voucher! The body shop is literally all I would spend it on !! 😍😍😍😍♥️♥️

  49. Omg definitely Revlon’s new Triple Complex Styler (now R399 instead of R499) I need a stunning straighteners for my hair that’s affordable and this is defo on my Xmas list

  50. I have my eye on the body shop gift set and real techniques gift set 💃🎁🎅

    My twitter @stylepretty2
    My Instagram @stylewithmepretty

    Anyways, you have a wonderful evening, take care and stay safe 😗

  51. Definitely the real techniques brushes!!! I’ve used sooo many and they are amazing! I have most of the brushes.. would love to purchase the rose gold set and add it to me collection.

  52. The Body Shop buy any three products and get the cheapest free is an amazing deal that I can’t say no to! ❤

  53. I’d love to try out Revlon’s new Triple Complex Styler … Plates that are infused with mango, coconut and Shea oil .. How amazing is that?!

  54. I am a huge Body Shop Fan so I would purchase the full size Drops of Youth Liquid Peel. I also desperately need more Real Techniques brushes- the Stippling brush & a new Buffing brush is on my list!

  55. The real techniques brush set is perfect! I just started learning how to apply makeup properly so this is absolutely next on my list…

  56. I absolutely love that REAL techniques brush set…so beautiful😀😍 So the Real Techniques special (20% off Real Techniques) is such a great deal and is definitely a special I would use😘❤

  57. I am absolutely In love with the mix and match 3 for 2 special.
    It’s the perfect way to get that little extra surprise for the special people in your life at no extra cost. Love it

  58. The nivea sun ran lotion range in clicks has caught my attention for this summer holiday to keep me and my family safe from the harmful raises of the sun.

  59. I’m currently obsessed with all things make up brushes, so my eyes are solidly focused on the Real Techniques brush specials at Clicks!

  60. Clicks has got to be one of my favourite stores … Lately iv been eyeing a good quality sunblock as I’m super exposed to the sun and hyper pigmentation is in the genes … With this having said I really need this voucher to splurge on some good quality bioderma / euciren sun screen ! Also a girl can NEVER have enough make up 💁 And the anxiety is creeping in because my body shop product boggles are hitting a low 😩 (Panic! ) help me start my new year off with some good skin 🤕

  61. The Mix and Match 3 for 2 special where you buy any 3 selected products from the same offer, and get the cheapest 1 free is my favourite!

  62. I’ve always been eyeing that REVLON TRIPLE COMPLEX STYLE! ! Normally when it comes to flat irons I’m always on edge due to whether or not it would damage my hair etc. I’ve got long hair so using a good product such as REVLON would be such a dream. 2018 would be my year going into 2018 with good hair! Pick me!!! ❤

  63. Mmmm that curly wand thingy I would love for beach waves and The Body Shop chamomile butter and hemp hand cream, Smudge nail polish b good price and so much more 💕

  64. Loving all the 3 for 2 specials 😍 especially the body shop goods. Would also love to get a curling tong! I saw they’re on special

  65. I’m always looking for a great makeup brushes so definitely the Real Technique brushes #clickschristmas #clicksbeautyfair

  66. That Revlon Styler looks interesting, would also like the RT brushes but right now, I’m really wanting the Babyliss Curl Secret Ionic Styler and am SO happy to see it’s on promotion at the moment!

  67. The one product that caught my eye is the Revlon’s new Triple Complex Styler (now R399 instead of R499). Apparently the plates are infused with mango, coconut and Shea oil! I am totally overwhemlemd, seeing that I have dry hair, therefore the coconut within the straightener, will have a better effect and moisturize my hair.

  68. I’ve been having insane skin issues practically every week (thanks to pregnancy hormones) which range from sudden dry skin to breakouts then irritable skin so the Sorbet range of masks would be the perfect solution to this as they’re seriously soothing! Wouldn’t mind getting the Russel Hobbs Juice Man juicer too as mine recently broke!

  69. I’m keen to get a new fragrance, Clicks definitely have amazing fragrances at great prices. The 3 for 2 purple sticker gift sets are a real money saver too.

  70. Clicks is my favorite feel good store… everything is so well placed..it makes you want to shop for all that tlc goodies your body needs… i really love that Babyliss curling tong .. its on my Xmas wishlist

  71. I would love to try the Bubbles & Bliss range (didn’t even know about it) and those Real Techniques make up brushes would go down a treat too 🙂

  72. Yay! I am super keen on The Body Shop products, there is a SPF50 that I would like to try. And then also, Real Techniques brushes…

  73. I am dying to buy a real techniques brush… I guess now is my chance 🤗🙈 oh and hoping to get the BaByliss Sublim’ Touch curler for Christmas 😍

  74. I would love to try out the Revlon Perfect Heat 2-in-1 Hair Brush. Apparently it works really well to dry your hair and it looks like a brush. I also don’t want to miss out on the Hask hair care special. They currently have a 3 for 2 special. All of their products smell really good!

  75. So hard to choose! Body shop and sorbet are both great brands. Clicks is upping their game with new brands. Well done clicks.

  76. The real techniques brush set or Babyliss Sublim Touch Curler (I can’t decide which one I need more) 💜

  77. I would love to get the BaByliss Sublim’ Touch curler, the Sorbet quick dry spray and the flamingo tangle teezer. Gosh, that would make my Christmas! Thanks Clicks!

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