HQ has just launched a new tasting menu for R250 and it’s a must-try!

I always look forward to winter after one too many hot, sweaty summer days and then it arrives, I get my boots and trench coat jollies for a good few weeks and then I’m all helllll no! Bring back the sun, asseblief. Still, one of the winter plus points that helps keep me going through the chill is the killer good restaurant specials.

While HQ’s new tasting menu special (R250 for a 4 course) isn’t exactly a ‘winter special’, it’s a taste of all those to come and this is one of the serious gems in that it’s utterly delish and crazy good value.

Take a look!

Now look away if you’re hungry…

I could eat this gazpacho every day and never get tired of it.


Prawns and avo are always a safe bet for #yum.


Seared tuna for the win!


Will you judge me if I caption this flan-tastic?

I’m glad to say that every course was a goodie but special props have to go to two of them. First – the tomato and watermelon gazpacho – a perfect blend of delicate flavours – that tasted just like heaven. Second – the seared tuna with asian salsa. Guys, people often throw around words like ‘melt in your mouth’ but trust me that this is an exceptionally MIYM kind of dish.

Aside from the tasting menu, you can also order from a new a la carte menu and I got to try the steak tartare which was AWESOME!

That squid and chorizo dish sounds like it could be a winner.

I’m a steak tartare fiend and always order it the moment I spot it on any menu so I’ve had several in my day and this one is an absolute treat. God, my mouth has totally started watering as I type this sentence. That’s how ridic I am about tartare. Why can’t Uber Eats deliver it to me in Claremont? I feel like my day’s a bit ruined now ‘cos now all I want is more Mr T and today’s work load makes it impossible. Arrrgh!

Come to me, sweet meaty goodness!

Anyway, like I was saying, at R250 for four courses, HQ’s new offering is a total steal. I mean, think about it? How often do you pay around R80 for a piddly li’l starter alone?

There isn’t a definitive end to the tasting menu but it won’t be around forever and will probably only run for two months before HQ do something new and exciting with their courtyard. They’ve bought out the restaurant next door and will be opening another spot that will share the space with HQ but are being super tight-lipped about it, so let’s see how that rolls out. In the meantime, go abuse that R250 tasting and be sure to add a beef tartare to share!

Love, love


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