Fragrance reviews: Lacoste Pour Femme Legere, Chloe Love Story eau Sensuelle and Missoni EDT

If you’re a fan of Lacoste’s original bestseller, you’re going to want to know about Lacoste Pour Femme EDP Legere (R725 for 30ml, R1 010 for 50ml and R1 330 for 125ml) launching on the 8th of May.

If you know a little French, ‘legere’ means ‘light’ and that’s exactly what this fragrance is, a lovely, easy-to-wear lighter version of the original that’s inspired by woman who are confident, relaxed and a full of joie de vivre.

Flash back to the 90s!

As far as notes go, Legere opens with a fresh burst of citrus, pink pepper and blackcurrant leading into a bouquet of jasmine, heliotrope and hibiscus on a bed of cedar, vetiver, sandalwood and musk.

On my skin, I immediately get that lovely initial citrus rush with grapefruit coming through loud and clear. This lingers for a while and then things get floral but I can’t pick out any individual petals with a dash of something ‘juicy, slightly sweet and pink’ (possibly the mingling of the pepper and blackcurrant). You’re then left with a dry down that’s supposed to be much like the original fragrance (apparently the base notes are the same) but I don’t have that on me to make a comparison. Still, I remember really enjoying that scent back in the day and this newbie is no exception. It’s a lovely, ‘casual’ warm weather daytime scent that will appeal to those who like feminine yet fresh and sporty fragrances like Hugo Boss Hugo Woman.

Moving on, Chloe has just launched Chloe Love Story Eau Sensuelle EDP (R935 for 30ml, R1 370 for 50ml and R1 655 for 100ml).

You can see how the bottle was inspired by a padlock, right?

Much like the original Love Story, it’s soft floral where orange blossom gets to shine but this new interpretation now has more citrusy top notes and the woody dry down is a little more ‘creamy’ thank to what the brand essentially describes as a ‘milky’ version of sandalwood.

Officially, the notes are lemon, yuzu (it’s like grapefruit), pear, orange blossom, passionflower, heliotrope, cedar, amber, (a very soft) musk and sandalwood.

On me, I immediately get the citrus mingled with fresh cut roses even through they’re not officially listed as a note. Then the orange blossom comes through and it’s a little sweeter than in the original but maybe that’s the passionflower talking. As far as pear goes, I can’t pick that up and for me that’s a plus as I’m not a pear fan, but this is a personal thing.

The over all impression, at this point, is of a sunny, summery fragrance, despite the fact that it’s inspired by a Parisian romance at dusk, specifically set on the bridge of Pont des Arts where the love locks used to be found. (Loved up couples would go there to symbolically attach a padlock to the bridge’s fencing but apparently the city has taken them down!)

Later, the creamy wood comes through and then things get cosy and warm smelling with a touch of white soap and a last hint of summer thanks to frangipanis. (Again, this is a note that isn’t listed but I totally pick up on it.) It’s almost like it the season’s are on the verge of change and what started out as last days of ‘summer’ becomes ‘first touch of autumn’. For this reason, this is a elegant yet relaxed fragrance for ‘in-between days’ like right now.

Last but not least, let’s chat about Missoni EDT (R705 for 30ml, R985 for 50ml and R1 225 for 100ml).

How gorgeous is the bottle? It was inspired by blown glass.

I really loved the EDP version – a citrusy-floral-musk with a teensy dash of fruit that sweetened it up but somehow didn’t make it smell like a scent for teenagers – so I was excited to try the new EDT and it hasn’t disappointed.

When I spritz it I get a burst of sweet ‘pinkness’ and citrus thanks to blood orange and pink pepper and it’s wondrous! I wish it would stay like that forever. But the flowers sweep in fast (lily, peony, freesia, heliotrope and rose water) with the rose water dominating.

In saying that, however, it’s super duper sheer, so if you’re not a floral fan you have nothing to worry about it. It’s almost like an accord of pale pink petals diffused in water. After that, it becomes a subtle, clean-smelling woody musk and almost disappears on your skin. This initially made me think the staying power wasn’t all that but I took it home with me on the Easter weekend and every time someone hugged me I got told how good I smelled. Love that!

If you like very easy-to-wear summery smelling ‘day time’ fragrances, things like Clarins eau des Jardins or DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom then this is going to be a new friend.

Love, love


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