Review: Skinny Tan mousse PLUS Who wants to win a Skinny Tan hamper worth R500?

A while back I reviewed Skinny Tan’s 7-Day tanner and really liked it so I didn’t hesitate on the chance to review their new mousse. Generally, mousses glide on nice and easy and, due to their liquid nature, tend to give you a better colour pay off than a cream-based self-tan.

Having given Skinny Tan mousse (R449,95, Dis-Chem, Wellness Warehouse and selected Clicks stores) a good test drive I’m pleased to report that its great stuff in terms of colour pay off as well as fade. It’s also a cruelty-free product, uses two green-based certified natural tanning ingredients and is fragranced with antioxidant organic coconut. More plusses? It contains lots of aloe vera to hydrate plus a dash of caffeine sourced from guarana berries. (This is where the ‘skinny’ bit comes in as caffeine is often touted as a cellulite buster.)

Hello there new friend!
Hello there new friend!

Along with the mousse, I was given a Skinny Tan mitt to apply it with and it made application a breeze. I can’t stress enough how much better it is to apply your self-tan with a mitt, be it a cream, mousse or gel. It makes it super easy to glide around your body, buff out any bits where you want a lighter result (ankles, knees and elbows, I’m looking at you!) and prevent the palms of your hands from getting stained. If you use self-tan regularly but don’t own a mitt, girl, you need to make a plan!

Anyway, as the mousse has a colour guide to it, it’s easy to see where your colour’s going, but bear in mind that if you don’t work fast the guide can make a tide mark. Fortunately, this is the guide itself that can stick around if you don’t work swiftly and not the actually product itself. So, if you’re done and noticing any unevenness, don’t stress. This’ll wash off when you hit the shower, I promise.

I always do a patch test before going big and Skinny Tan mousse passed with flying colours.
I always do a patch test before going big and Skinny Tan mousse passed with flying colours.

I used the mousse in the evening and was feeling brave so I decided to apply it to my face too. Again, I used the mitt, folding it up to create a smaller surface area with a ‘point’ that could get into the corners of my eyes. While it’s got a soft, pretty scent, it wasn’t over powering or sickly in the least. Also, as the colour develops, it doesn’t have a weird biscuit-y smell in the least. Can we get a yay?!

This is me pre-tan in all my pale girl glory.
This is me pre-tan in all my pale girl glory.

The next morning when I got out of the shower I was thrilled to discover that my tan was wondrously even and very natural looking. There were literally no areas I had to ‘fix’ using an exfoliator! I also liked that it lasted a good five days before I felt the need to reapply and faded in a way that was natural, with one good soak in the tub and a quick rub using a towel – not even an exfoliator – took off the very last of it.

Here comes the sun!
Here comes the sun!

In short, this is a two thumbs up product you’ll want to try so pick it in store OR, if you’re feeling lucky, enter my Skinny Tan giveaway! I’ve got five hampers worth R500 to give away and entering is easy.

To stand a chance to win, simply leave a comment below telling me which berries Skinny Tan uses to draw its caffiene. Another way to enter? Hit me up on twitter with ‘Hey @lipglossgirl, I’d love to win a @SkinnyTanSA hamper’ and be sure to include the link to this post.

This competition closes at 5pm on 16 September 2016 and is only open to South African residents. A random number generator is going to decide your fate and the winner will be announced shortly after the competition closes.

Good luck girls!

Love, love


This competition is now closed. A big congrats to Biance Aucamp, Carlyn le Maitre, Cornell Botha, Charmaine du Preez and Cheryl Johnstone on each winning a Skinny Tan hamper worth R500.

204 thoughts on “Review: Skinny Tan mousse PLUS Who wants to win a Skinny Tan hamper worth R500?

    1. Oh wow!! What an awesome product !! Would looooove to have a perfect summer tan…. oh yes and the answer is guarana berries 🙂

  1. OH EM GEE! this is an awesome Giveaway! I would give my pinky toe to win this lol 🙂 I really struggle to tan in the sun so ive always been using self tanners and I really struggle to find one that works perfectly with my skin, and this one seems Awesome and looks so good on you!

      1. I was so over anxious to enter that I forgot to say guarana berries! Tried Carribean Tan yesterday but I must say I am disappointed with the results! Xx

  2. Sooooooo over winter. Sooooo over white skin. Sooooo need a tan to pull off summer bright bikini’s, lips, dresses and nails etc. Soooo would be thankful for this! I want to pretend I’m on some exotic island 😉

  3. What an awesome product for summer! I am looking translucent, would love to try this out. The caffeine sourced from guarana berries (got to admit I like the sound of the skinny part too!)

  4. Hi Leigh 😊 I would really like to win one of the hampers as I have a sensitivty to caffeine when drunk (so no coffee for me 😕), but I am sure that gurana berries applied externally would work wonderfully. Thanks for another great post!

  5. I would love to win , not just for the tan but for my dimples . Guarana Berries . Make this frumpy mummy into a tanned mummy

  6. Guarana Berries, I am so excited for this competition because I absolutely HATE tanning. As much as I love being bronzed and looking great I can’t the get the image out of my mind of what damage the sun is capable of. Needless to say I am so pale I’m almost translucent 😂 Thank you 🙋

  7. If I’m told by my husband one more time that emergency crew can easily spot me if I get lost, because I reflect light…. so naturally i do need this. Long working hours prohibits me from seeing any sunrays. The answer to your question: guarana berries! Xx

  8. Guarana berries 🙂
    I love Skinny Tan! ♡
    Have also used the 7-Day tanner and loved it! So excited to see they have a mousse now too =D
    Heres to tanned skin without sun damage!

  9. *** Guarana Berries *** Skinny Tan sounds absolutely fabulous. Would love to win. I’m incredibly fair skinned and don’t believe in tanning under the damaging harmful rays of the sun. HOLDING THUMBS 🙂

  10. Guarana berries. What a kickass competition, would love to win this as I glow in the dark currently and sadly I just don’t tan, I go bright red, peel and become lighter. I think one day I may just become invisible.

  11. Answer: Guarana berries
    PLEASE Pick this vampire to get her glow the healthy way!!! Hehe.. Plus my boyfriend’s super pale skin needs this asap! I stopped using tan products because the smell was just off putting.. Would really love to get our glow on for summer!

  12. Answer: Guarana Berries

    I would be thrilled to be chosen as a winner. I do not enjoy sun tanning and I had a bad experience with a otc product I used. It went orange. I would love to try a quality product and experience what its like to have a nice even tan 😊💖

  13. guarana berries…… Love love your product…. its my everyweek go to….
    Would love to try the Mousse….Pick me …pick me

  14. Wow you look stunning with the tan!! I seriously need this my skin is vampire pale! Answer is from guarana berries and holding thumbs!

  15. “guarana berries”
    Thanks for the Blog Leigh… Always nice to know a product has been tried and tested before buying it…. Especially a self tan!!

  16. Guarana berries! I love skinny tan have used it and would love a hamper
    I use it before I hit the ramp or have a pageant to compete in xx and bonus being cruelty free
    All about not testing on animals
    Pick me xoxo

  17. Would love to win this hamper! Crossing my fingers while giving Skinny Tan 2 thumbs up. The answer is guarana berries!!

  18. When the boys in the office call you ‘powder’,you know you need this product urgently!haha!Crossing fingers to be a winner!They use guarana berries 😊

  19. I have been using Skinny Tan for quite a while. I used the gradual tanner and 7 day tanner. My fiance used the Ab Shader. It is honestly THE best self-tan I have used ever! I have used a few! I had no idea they have a mousse now?? So I take it, it works the same as the 7 day tanner? One application only needed and then lasts 7 days?

    1. Hi hun! It works just the same as the 7 day tanner but I find both that and the mousse only last about 5 days on me. (I shower twice a day ‘cos I run in the evenings.)

  20. I’m very impressed with the before and after picture and being a pale skin gal myself (50 Shades of White and all) I would love to get my hands on this prize!

    It contains Guarana berries! (fingers crossed)

  21. The only way my legs are seeing the light of day, is if everybody around me are going to wear welding helmets. Or if I can get my hands on this lifesaving product with those magical Guarana berries….

  22. Wooow you’re skin looks amazing… I will absolutely love to win this awesome hamper.. I’m a mother of a 8 month old bouncing baby boy and I run my own company so lying in the son is out of the question (just don’t have time to spend hours in the sun) I want to try your product and can’t wait to post a few selfies. The berries used is Guarana Berries.. 🙂

  23. Guarana berries. Went to dischem to get skinny tan to try it out today and there was no pricing on any of the products; frustrating. Also where do you get a mit? Thanks!

  24. I need this in my life! Loved your review and tips to apply with a mitt. I am so scared with self tan as I always – ALWAYS go “jersey shore” orange.
    P.s Guarana berries

  25. guarana berries. went to dischem to try skinny tan but none of the products had pricing! frustrating. Where do we get the mit from?

  26. Guarana berries
    I am the mamma who gets stepped on because I resemble the beech sand. As white as snow. Would just love to have a natural looking tan for a change

  27. Oh Wow I eould love to try it and use it for my wedding in November. I hate tanning and try anyting to preserve my youth.

    The answer is Guarana Berries!

  28. Guarana Berries 😀

    I need a good tan alternative, I look like a ghost. After 5min in the sun, I look like a ripe tomato and after a week of peeling, I swear I’m paler than before. #storyofmylife

  29. The caffeine is extracted from Guarana berries………
    I need this hamper cos I’m extremely pale and battle to tan and I need to look healthy and glowing and beautiful! 😊

  30. Please please please pick me! I am hoping that the Skinny Tan will miraculously eradicate my muffin top so that I look more beach ready! Even if it’s not that miraculous, a brown muffin always looks better than a lily white one!

  31. Shitballs Leith! I deserve to win for the effort of scrolling through all of those comments to get here!😁 Guarana Berries!🍒

  32. Looking fabulous, Leigh! I’d love to win this and try it out for myself! Skinny Tan uses guarana berries in its formulation. Entered on Twitter too, @musicandhippies. X

  33. Guarana Berries. Your tan looks absolutely amazing! I would really love to use this product as I do not want to spend hours in the hars sun. I have seen nothing but great reviews! 🙂

  34. Guarana berries – Super pleased to know there is a self tanning product that has benefits of guarana berries, not only will i pale skin be tanned without sun damaged but also the joy of the slim ingredients 🙂

  35. This is so need to get rid of the winter pale skin. Time to bring on the summer glow 🙂 Guarana Berries, help me look and feel fab for summer days 🙂

  36. GUARANA BERRIES!!!! Been following this product since dragons den, all tan products normally look very orange on my snow white skin, but this looks great, will give it a go.

  37. guarana berries! !!!!

    I hAve used Skinny Tan for just under a year and can’t believe I got through life without it. I have a fairly pale and stubborn skin that either doesn’t react to the sun or becomes lobster!
    However Skinny Tan has made me look like a goddess! My confidence had peaked and allowed me to feel comfortable in my own skin! This hamper will aI’d me to feel that way for longer!

  38. Guarana berries! I’m a new mom with a little less time to myself so would love to at least have a lovely summer glow to make myself feel better 😊

  39. Sooooo much comments and ladies entering the competition that i kind of feel like a needle in a hay sack☺but hey why not?!…I’m whiter as a bed sheet from sheet street…The answer would be ‘Guarana Berries’. Holding my thumbs for this awesome prize…Cheers to pale bodies and tanning hobbies👍

  40. Guarana berries!! I just used another Tanning product and im not happy with the results, still trying to get rid of the patched. Used so many product before and Definitely need something that will finally work.

  41. Guarana berries!! My sister got married this past weekend and the entire bridal party made sure to use Skinny Tan! It looks incredible. I would absolutely LOVE to win this ❤️

  42. I would absolutely love to try this product. I have just recovered from breast cancer and can’t imagine lying in the sun to get some colour on my skin !
    Great review !

  43. Guarana berries…
    I have been battling to tan my whole life as I have freckles, and have literally tried every tan on the market so that my freckles don’t go darker. I have to stay out of the sun. I have had those embarassing streaky moments and orange palms in the early days, been through it all with tanning. Thursday night is tan night in my house! Nothing makes you feel better than a beautiful tanned glow.

    Would LOVE 💓 this comp and try out a new product!

  44. Am I allowed to enter seeing as I’ll be a South Afrixa resident for the month of October? Needs me some guarana berries based tan so I don’t look like such a pale Brit! 😉 x

  45. Please can have this so I can be lekker bruin on my wedding day asseblief skat 🙂 the answer is guarana berries!

    1. I can never get a tan I burn then peal and just go white again, I have tried si many self tans and just end up looking like a rusted old pot I would love to try this product x

  46. Guarana berries! 👍👙🌴Getting ready for summer! Yah for no streaks or yellow/orange skin. Can’t wait to try it!

  47. Guanana berries!! I am off to a matric dance in 2 weeks (gotta show thise 18yr olds how you do it 😉 and will need me some colour! X

  48. This is an awesome giveaway!!! I really struggle to tan as i have low blood sugar and this affects my skin. I need this for my wedding day! Oh yeah and its guarana berries

  49. Guarana berries are used! I would love to win this hamper so that I can look golden brown goddes like for rocking the daisies! I love your blog. It’s so real, down to earth and I love that you aren’t afraid to give your opinion, be it good or bad!

  50. Guarana berries 😁 Would love a natural looking tan which is easy to apply! Please let me have your gorgeous tan 😋

  51. guarana berries !!!!! the magic ingredient!!! I would love to win this stunning prize ! bronze is beautiful! #lipglossismylife

  52. #Guaranaberries make Skinnytan so awesome. We have a friendship photoshoot coming up soon and I dont want to be the palest friend in the photo! Need SkinnyTan to make me feel like a million bucks. Also I’m a tired mommy of a 4 year old and 8 month old so need my glow back

  53. What an awesome spring prize. Spring is my favourite time of the year… it means Christmas is coming!!! You are an amazing writer and your tone in your articles is sooo inviting and the wording is captivating too… inspirational. I love your blog and will definately be subscribing. The answer is guarana berries. These berries are also an awesome drink in Brazil btw! I would love this prize to start my tan for summer and not have to use the harmful sun beds that cost an arm and a leg!

  54. Guaranaberries. Awesome competition. Would be perfect for summer. Love the outdoors but don’t like to spend hours in the sun to suntan.

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