Review: Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo and Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion

If you’re a big Cetaphil fan you’ll be glad to know the brand’s now created two new extra gentle products specially formulated for babies’ sensitive skin – Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo (R69,99) and Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion (R79,99).

Both the tear-free wash and lotion are free of animal products making them vegan-friendly and contain no soap, colourants, parabens or mineral oil. Naturally, they’ve been dermatologist tested to ensure its the perfect pH* for your little one’s skin and the lotion makes use of soothing panthenol, antioxidant vitamin E and a hydrating, skin barrier-protecting triple blend of sunflower seed oil, soybean oil and Shea butter.

Baby's got a whole new bag!
Hey baby, hey baby, hey!

As I don’t have a little one at home to use as my test monkey, I passed both of Cetaphil’s newbies on to an especially discerning little judge called Isla, my friend Tam’s daughter. Having used it for a while, here’s what Tam had to say about the duo.

‘Having a toddler is filthy business. In one day alone they get at least six disgusting or dirty things on them and that’s if it’s a quiet day. So today, come bath time, I had a delightful selection of yuckies to clean off of Isla with today’s filth including cheese smooshed in hair, play dough, guava squish, mince, pen marks, crusty ice cream (don’t judge, I’ve been sick) and miscellaneous dirt on her face and body. It seemed like a good day to try out something new – Cetaphil’s new baby wash.

My first impression was that I loved the smell. It’s not at all “granny baby”, just a nice clean smell.
It also scored major brownie points with Isla because I could lather it up and make her into a cloud.
I loved the feeling of it as a shampoo for her and her hair dried looking beautiful and shiny and made her baby curls look amazing. She also usually scratches herself really badly in the bath and she has not done it at all today. For these reasons, I’m now a convert. This is our new everyday soap.

Yep, it got the Isla stamp of approval.
Yep, it got the Isla stamp of approval.

As for the lotion, this is great too. I always put a soothing cream on Isla after a bath because, as I mentioned before, she’s got sensitive skin that she scratches. This product is fantastic. It’s not too oily or sticky. Any mother knows the nightmare that is putting a freshly moisturized, wiggling little feral monkey child into her PJs. It’s the worst. But Cetaphil’s baby lotion is heaven because it smells so good and absorbs so quickly that it’s almost easy to dress your kid when you’re done – giving you bonus mommy wine time!

So, I’m really pleased to have been able to try these two products. They’re awesome and I’d be happy to use them on myself too!’

So there you have it folks. Got a baby that needs extra gentle cleaning and marinading in super soothing moisture? Cetaphil Baby’s got your back.

Love, love


*Did you know that your baby’s skin has a higher pH than your own? This is because their acid mantle isn’t fully developed yet. So nope, you can’t just soap up your kids with whatever you’ve got in your own shower or bath. Buying products that are specially formulated for baby is a must.

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