Reviews of Revlon favourites: Nail Care 60 seconds quick dry spray, ColorBurst Balm Stain, Ultra HD Matte lip colour and Photoready powder

A while back I went to a Revlon launch were they showed us a bunch of cool new things that were going to launch as the year rolls out. We also got to learn more about Cancervive and the good work they’re doing to help support those living with cancer. This includes an upcoming awareness rally that involves a 600km motorcycle ride across South Africa.

To learn how you can help get clicky clicky over here.

We also got to roam the room where all the Revlon goodies where displayed and pick out ten items to take home. I actually found this super difficult as I was tempted to add all my Revlon favourites to the list – the things I know and love – but really wanted to try a few new things too so I ended up with a bit of a mix. Having spent some time playing around I can now show you my favourites of the bunch.

First up, we need a standing ovation for this dude.

Revlon Nail Care 60 seconds quick dry spray (R105, Takealot*)
Revlon Nail Care 60 seconds quick dry spray (R105, Takealot*)

This pretty pink li’l can is a total gem in that it totally does what it says on the tin. Spray it on your nails straight after painting and BOOM they’re dry in 60 seconds. I have so much love for this product you have no freakin’ idea. I’ve only just learned the price and think it’s a bit expensive for what it is but it’s made my life so convenient I don’t care. The moment this can empties I’m buying another and will do so forever until I find something that does that same for less. Simple as.

Moving on, let’s talk about an old favourite of mine that I love, love love – Revlon’s minty scented ColorBurst Balm Stain (R139 each, Takealot).

NAmes of each
The slightly darker shade is Smitten and the bottom one is Lovesick.

Being a huge fuchsia fan I’ve used Smitten before but wanted to try Lovesick too to see which one I’d prefer but have since realised they’re both so similar on that they might as well be interchangeable. I like that they serve up a lovely wash of colour and feel fabulously comfy on your lips. The pointed tip makes it nice and easy to draw with and give your cupid’s bow a bit of shape and when they wear off you’re still left with a bit of colour thanks to the stain effect. This is pretty mild, however, but the colour’s definitely still noticeable so you’re never left ‘nude’ between applications.


Another honourable mention needs to go to Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte lip colours. In the past I’d been given shades that were super dark and just didn’t work for me. I felt like they made my lips look smaller than they were. Now, having tried a super flattering rose petal shade called Temptation and I can totally appreciate them.

Pretty pretty!
Pretty pretty! I hope to get some ‘on face’ later if the sun comes out.

I like that they feel completely weightless on your lips and, despite being ultra matte, don’t dry out your lips. Another plus is that, despite this shade being lighter, it still looks completely opaque when it’s on. (In the past I’ve found ultra-lightweight matte lip colours end up separating on your lips and making ‘lines’. You get what I mean when I say that, right?)

Last, but certainly not least, you should know about Revlon Photoready powder (R259, Takealot).

The shade 020 Light/Medium is my perfect match. (For reference I’m a NC25 in Mac)

This is favourite drugstore ‘every day’ finishing powder. I wear it on it’s own or over foundation and love that it evens out my skin and blitzes pores and shine while looking super duper natural. It never cakes. It never accentuates fine lines. It just makes my skin look like the best version of itself at a price that isn’t completely pocket-friendly but totally worth it ‘cos it works like a boss and lasts for ages.

Throw that crappy brush away and grab a kabuki and you'll be styling.
Throw that crappy brush away and grab a kabuki and you’ll be styling.

See anything you’d like to try yourself? Also, are any of these guys your Revlon favourites too?

Love, love


*When looking for prices online I found Takealot is currently selling Revlon items for less than Clicks. Their Photoready powder price, for example, was R40 less!)

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