Buy a limited edition ghd in Electric Pink and R100 goes towards the Pink Drive

There are a zillion reasons as to why you want a ghd styler in your life but now I’ve got two to toss into the bonfire that is your burning desire for seriously good hair. The first is that the brand’s recently launched a new limited edition collection in pink. And not just any pink, honey lambs. We’re talking electric Barbie and the Rockers-style pink.

'Cos all electricals look better in electric pink...
‘Cos all electricals look better in electric pink…

Like I said, Barbie and the Rockers would totally approve.

80's are go!
You see that bad ass bitch on the drums?

That’s Dee Dee, the only Rocker doll I ever owned, the only one I ever needed and a woman who was not to be trifled with.

What you lookin' at motherfucka?!
Miss you, girl! You were the only one who told that Ken fool his baby pink car was trippin’ and that you’d never settle to be his side piece when Barb’s was out of town.

But ja, let’s get back to ghd. Rockin’ pink-ness aside, there’s another even better reason to pop this particular styler in your trolley and I’ve laid that out for you in a l’il video. A word of warning, however. I’m not a natural vlogger kind of girl. I have so much respect for the girls who find it so easy whip up studio-style lighting and can get through three sentences without saying ‘fuck’. I’ve tried and failed and I’m just not that girl so I’ve just gone ahead and done it in my own way and I hope you like it. Just please ignore how blocked my nose is – I shot this while riddled with flu. Also, please set the quality up to nice and high when you watch so I don’t look like a blurry monster!

If you’d like to see more videos here and there let me know and I’ll attempt to pull finger. To buy your limited edition ghd V gold electric pink styler (R2 499) hop on over here. You can also make a straight up donation to Pink Drive without buying a styler (and then maybe you too will get flowers from Mr H.)

Love, love


4 thoughts on “Buy a limited edition ghd in Electric Pink and R100 goes towards the Pink Drive

  1. You are such a RAD and COOL and EPIC kinda girl! I vote for more videos – YES! And yes, the hot pink styler is pretty cool too.

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