Review: Matrix Total Results Hello Blondie shampoo and conditioner

I’m a natural blonde but I lift my colour further with highlights every two months or so and, as my hair’s baby fine, especially around my crown area, this means I have to give it a little extra TLC. After washing, the aforementioned crown bits can often look like fuzz and, due to their delicacy, need to combed out super carefully otherwise my hair will pretty much just break off. To get the job done, I always use a Tangle Teezer and reach for a lightweight spray conditioner. (Schwarzkopf Gliss make some great ones.)

Anyway, that’s my hair in a nut shell, so I’m often using sham and cons aimed at colour treated hair as they seem to get the balance right at hydrating just enough, but not too much so as to weigh my hair down. One of the duos I’ve recently tried that gets it right is Matrix Total Results Hello Blondie (R99 for the sham and R120 for the con).

Hello blondie!
Hello blondie!

These guys live up to their claims in that yes, the formula ‘moisturizes intensely without adding weight to hair’. It also claims to protect from UV rays and brighten shine thanks to chamomile extract, but the latter is hard to judge as I’ve literally just had my hair highlighted again so it’s in ‘bright and fresh’ mode by default.

The only
The only semi-downside here (for me) is that each of the Hello Blondies has a slight violet tint to it.

Fabulous if you’re wanting to beat the brass but not so great if you’re 100% happy with your hue (as am I) because over time it can turn your baby blonde locks a little ashy and if you’d rather stay on the golder side of life you won’t appreciate it. If this is you, you’d best suit the Colour Obsessed line. Same price, similar light weight formula and zero colour deposit, just protection via antioxidants.

Another thing I want to mention? R99/R120 is a flippin’ fabulous price for a ‘salon only’ duo. Have you seen the price of salon products lately? Matrix has a big line, their formulations’ quality is good and their pocket friendly prices get my two thumbs up.

Love, love


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