Reviews: L’Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit, Essence #mymessage fragrances and limited edition Tangle Teezer Candy Floss

L’Oreal’s new Brow Artist Genius Kit (R169,95) is one of the best drugstore brow kits I’ve come across in ages. Years maybe.

Howzit, howzit!
Howzit, howzit!

It includes a wax to shape and as well as a powder to fill in. The latter works perfectly with the wax, which is the perfect amount of waxiness, by adhering to it in a way that looks super natural. Also, they give you the right tools for the job – a double-sided wand with a spooly end and an angled brush end. (You won’t believe how many kits come without the spooly bit meaning you have to run around with a separate wand to comb. Arrrgh!)

I like that it has a mirror too.
I like that it has a mirror too.

This shade duo is called ‘Medium to Dark’ and while it looks lighter in the piccie it actually pretty dark so it doesn’t really suit me. I’d need a shade lighter than this so I’m not going to show you an ‘on face’ shot as the mismatch will do it a misjustice, but trust me, if I didn’t have ten zillion other brow products in my make-up dungeon/unicorn barn, I’d definitely be snapping this up in a lighter shade.

Moving on, if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that Essence has brought out a new line of fragrances called #mymessage.

Essence #mymessage
Clearly they’re aimed at a younger market, but hey!

While they look look cheap n’ cheerful, the fragrances surprised me by not smelling that way. I mean sure, these aren’t going to stand up to your Narciso’s and Alaias, but if you’re looking for a quick spritz to roll around in your hand bag or car’s cubby hole, they’ll hit the spot.

Of all the scents, I most liked Luck (pictured in my hand up top) as it’s a fresh, clean-smelling fruity-floral that isn’t too sweet. Notes-wise, you’re looking at kiwi, apple, blackcurrant, freesia, peach blossoms, woods, vanilla and musk. It’s a real ‘spray it on and go’ kind of scent.

Last of all, say hello to a new limited edition colour to the Tangle Teezer family – Candy Floss – available as both an Original and Salon Elite model.

Candy Floss
I should probably have shot this from the side, right?

Incidentally, candy floss is exactly what my micro-fine hair looks like if I don’t brush it out before it dries which is why I’ll ensure I live and die with a Tangle Teezer  But ja. This pretty pink and white honey lamb is sure to make Barbie proud and looks rather mooi on my dresser as my room’s a zillion different shades of white.

Interestingly, this is the first time I’ve gotten to use a curved Salon Elite Tangle Teezer. (I’ve always preferred the slightly smaller Compact Styler as they’re easiest to squeeze into a clutch.) The Elite, unlike the Original, is curved so it kind of fits in on the side of your head as you brush.

Sexy curves!
Sexy curves!

It’s certainly not a reason to toss your Original in the trash and run out for the Elite as an upgrade but if you’re buying regardless it’s definitely a slight ergonomic improvement.

Love, love


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