Will you be rocking the denim hair trend?

There’s a new hair trend in town and it’s all about dying your hair a mooi shade of denim. I chatted about it the other day on Expresso and you check that out over here:

The only blue dye I know of that’s on shelf right now but couldn’t mention on the show is Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL HD Ultra Brights in Electric Blue that’s currently on special at Clicks for R65,95 until 22 March.

Katy Perry would be proud.

It washes out after just 28 washes which makes it somewhat less terrifying but I’d still be nervy to try it at home especially if you’re after the denim look which is faded and somewhat ombre-ish. So, if you feel much the same, live in Cape Town and want to give denim hair a bash maybe give Scar in Kloof Street a shout. They’re great with colour trends.

Love, love


One thought on “Will you be rocking the denim hair trend?

  1. Denim hair, just when you thought you’d heard everything. Must say it looks lovely on some people. I imagine it would catch on then fade (excuse the pun) just like the lilac locks trend.

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