Review: Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash mascara and Air Patrol BB Cream eyelid primer

Let’s talk Benefit! How much do we love that the prettily packaged, cheerfully innovative beauty brand is back in SA? I was sent their new Roller Lash Curling & Lifting mascara (R350) the other day, tried it, liked it and then had my phone swiped (arrrrrrghhhh!) and lost all the pics. Worse yet, I couldn’t take new ones as I’d just slapped on a set of eye lash extensions.

Fortunately, my own lashes are now back in action and I can give you a look at what Roller Lash can do.

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash

While it’s supposed to be a ‘curling’ mascara, I didn’t experience much of a lift. What I liked, however, is that it’s plastic micro-tooth brush made for fantastic definition.

Plastic comb brushes are great for definition.
Plastic comb comb-like brushes are great for definition.

Also, the formula’s slightly putty-like texture was each to build and ‘stretch’ so you could get decent-enough volume but great length by applying it using a series of tiny micro-circles. My top tip is to work fast and circle like a boss! If not, this is the kind of formula that can take you to Spider Town.

Two coats of Benefit Roller Lash mascara
Two coats of Benefit Roller Lash mascara

Moving on, let’s chat about the brand’s latest addition – Air Patrol BB Cream eyelid primer (R350).

Cuteness, right?
Cuteness, right?

Air Patrol, aside from working as a primer to intensify and prolong the wear of your shadow, boasts an SPF of 20 and an anti-pollution complex that fends off free radicles. In a way, it’s kind of like a more wallet-friendly version of Skinceuticals Physical Eye UV Defense SPF 50.

From a packaging point of view, the click pen is pretty handy (one click per eye) and its super soft jelly tip feels creepily/fantastically finger-like. I still prefer to dab it on with my own finger, however, as I find that easier to blend with.

Are you ready for this jelly?
Are you ready for this jelly?

Once on, it feels noticeably soothing on my skin but doesn’t contain irritating menthol (yes!) and is pigmented enough to truly even out my eye area while minimising the look of redness.

I’m not sure if it’ll work for those with a darker skin tone, but on me it blends very nicely.

As far as it’s priming power goes, it works a treat. I put it to the test against the best primer I’d used in the past, Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, and at the end of a long, hot day running errand, the shadow on both of my lids looked freshly applied.

These pics were taken 11 hours apart but you'd never know it.
These pics were taken 11 hours apart but you’d never know it.

Nice one Benefit, very very nice! While I like Roller Lash, Air Patrol has found a permanent home in my make-up bag.

Benefit cosmetics are currently available at selected Edgars and Red Square stores with more to roll out soon as well as sold online via the latter’s website.

Love, love


4 thoughts on “Review: Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash mascara and Air Patrol BB Cream eyelid primer

    1. I’m not sure! I’ve seen quite a few Benefit minis but now am not sure if Air Patrol’s ever been one of them. As it stands, Urban Decay Primer Potion is still my favourite eye primer. At R320, it costs less than Air Patrol, if the cost factor is why you’d prefer a mini. Also, while I haven’t tried it myself, I have friends who swear by NYX eye shadow base (R110, Clicks.) It’s almost never on shelf so if you want to try it it’s best to buy it from Click’s online store.

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