So I got a full, voluminous set of eyelash extension from The Lash & Beauty Room

A little while back I was offered a set of lash extensions at The Lash & Beauty Room in Wynberg but before I chat about the experience please know that this post is primarily aimed at those who’ve had eyelash extensions before. I’ve already covered the basics as to how it’s done and how to care for them best in several posts ages back.

The last time I had extensions put in I was in Paris where my sister paid for a set that literally cost half my rent, but I hated them with a passion. I had to lie on a cold, clinical little bed for over two hours while a sadistic little French woman pretty much ignored my pleas that she re-tape my one eye as it continued to water and prick and sting for almost the entire duration of the process. As for the end result, it just looked pretty kak but now I can’t remember exactly why. (Sorry Mands, I love you! I just hated those blerrie lashes.)

Fortunately, The Lash & Beauty is a different story that starts with their warm, ultra comfy bed.

This is the kind of spot you could totally fall asleep.
This is the kind of spot you could totally fall asleep.

My therapist was super friendly, easy-going Kirsten who worked like lightning to attach each lash (made from softer, more supple synthetic mink) and managed to give me a tint as well as a full set in about an hour and a half. Many therapists would only be able to do the same thing in two hours or more so this is pretty impressive. She also worked really gently and I didn’t tear up once, save for a the one time I opened my eyes while glue was drying. For the extensions newbies out there – it’s not the ‘having a tweezers in your lashes’ bit or even the glue that causes tears, it’s the fumes from the glue as it dries that can sting – but only if you open your eyes.

More Lash & Beauty Room prettiness
More Lash & Beauty Room prettiness

Initially, I really liked the end result – full and super long – but still wasn’t 100% sold. I felt like it might’ve been a bit too dramatic and heavy-looking towards the outer corners but thought I’d give it some time before I made up my mind in the same way you sometimes have to get used to a hair cut. I’m glad I did because over the next two days a few lashes would fall out (which is normal) and I adjusted to looking in the mirror and being hit with a double sha-ZAM o’ glamour.


Mascara on the left, lash extensions on the right.
Mascara on the left, lash extensions on the right. Click on this image to enlarge it and improve the resolution.


And shut.
And shut.

I then roamed around saying nothing to people to see if anyone would comment and some of the time nobody noticed (‘See anything different about me?!) which was great but for the vast majority of the time the compliments just rolled on in. (‘Oh wow! Your lashes look great!’)

As time went on, my lashes looked better and better, probably due to the aforementioned reasons, and I’m now at that point where I think I’ll definitely do it again and sommer pay for it which is interesting because before going in I was like ‘sure, I’ll rock a few extensions for a while, but it’ll never become a thing…’ I’d just probably ask for a half set instead of full and find out if there’s a shade option. Having jet black lashes looks great when I have eyeshadow on, but I need a softer colour to look good when I’m not.

Here’s a full face shot taken three days after they were put in just to show you how natural it looks.

Gotta love gridlock, right?
Gotta love gridlock traffic, right?

Anyway, my hesitations as to why I wouldn’t be an extension girl were as follows:

They’re a new unneccessary expense while I’m tying to buy a house
Having to be careful when you wash your face is crap

The sole reason that’s cancelled those two out?
They look flippin’ fabulous!

I guess you could also add ‘Not having to put on mascara or take it off before bed is awesome’ to the list. And maybe ‘Your white linens are so freakin’ grateful’.

Oh! Another linen (and lash) saver you should know about is this boy:


My sister introduced us and I call him ‘the face bra’ but he’s actually an eye mask specially designed for lash extensions. If you’ve had them, you’ll know wearing a normal eye mask at night (if you do) flattens your lashes and causes them to feel itchy, poky and sore. The special eye mask, however, is cup-shaped so it’ll leave you in the dark but won’t put any pressure on your extensions. How much do we love?!

I couldn’t find this exact same one online that could be shipped to South Africa but found a company called Pro Lash Tech selling something similar for $10 with $20 shipping.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for someone to help you get your lashes on, know that Kirsten from The Lash & Beauty Room in Wynberg is a gem.

Love, love


Make your appointment at The Lash & Beauty Room by calling (021) 761 2181. To view their price list, click here

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