Winter restaurant special altert: Pigalle in Cape Town’s seafood platter for two is just R495

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I’ve been honoured with the role of being an ambassador for Pigalle, the iconic ‘dinner and dance’ restaurant in Green Point. Personally, I don’t think Pigalle needs an ambassador – everyone knows their food is amazing, the service is top notch and the venue’s a total gem – but I’ll never tell them that ‘cos we all know the Rules to a Happy Life and one of them is to never look a gift seafood platter in the mouth.

Pretty, pretty!

Pigalle’s enormous lemon-butter drench platter for two is currently on special for just R495 and that’s crazy good value considering it was almost too much for my date Tatum and I. You’re looking at two enormous Natal lobsters, prawns, fresh line fish, mussels in a creamy, almost garlic & cheesy-tasting sauce that, for me, totally stole the show, and buttersoft calamari.

Huge, right? But oh boy did we manage to find the space and them some…

Also, no trip to Pigalle is complete without a little trinchado on the table. Once you’ve eaten, you’re ruined for life in that whenever you eat trinchado anywhere else it kind of tastes like rubber. Or ash. Or maybe crushed glass. Pigalle’s, you see, might as well be soft, fluffy fillet that you can cut with a butter knife; floating on a sea of spicy, creamy sauce that sees you lose all dignity and scoop it up into your mouth with your fingers (when nobody else is looking, of course.)

Cue Sade's Nothing Compares to Youuuuu....
Cue Sade’s ‘Cos noooothing compares to youuuuu….

Eventually, it was dessert time and Tatum and I knew their was no way we’d be able to eat one more drop. We’d be like that cartoon doing the rounds on the net. You know. Of the guy who’s super duper full but simply has to put the last pea in his mouth and then BOOM, he explodes like a grenade. Have you seen that? Well we where like that so it made sense to order just one dessert to share and not actually eat it.

‘Please bring us something that’ll look incredible in a photograph’, we said. ‘We can’t actually eat it though’.

Our lovely waitress smiled and brought us the chocolate fondant. ‘It comes with pistachio ice cream and warm, runny chocolate oozes out of it when you cut it open’, she said. ‘You’re definitely going to it eat’.

This is what you want your mom to be eating come Mother's Day.
If I could slap a triple stack of my phone’s ‘praise hands’ emoji here I totally would.

And she was right. About everything. And then there was nothing left to say or do but roll home in a happy Public Holiday afternoon haze, being careful to avoid ingesting any potential life-ending peas that crossed our paths.

So! If you’re a seafood fan like me and want to indulge in the Pigalle’s incredible platter for two (and you will – it’s the hot stone massage of the seafood platter world), know that it’s a winter special that costs just R495 and runs until the end of August. Available Monday to Thursdays for dinner and Tuesdays to Fridays for lunch.

Thanks for having me!
These tables fill up fast so call (021) 421 4848 to book.

Thank you Pigalle for yet another incredible meal. Even the peri peri sauce you serve with your warm, crusty bread is perfection.

Love, love


2 thoughts on “Winter restaurant special altert: Pigalle in Cape Town’s seafood platter for two is just R495

  1. we tried the autumn set menu because of your recommendation (not that we don’t already love Pigalle) and it was incredible!! They certainly have a brilliant ambassador 😀

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