Beauty bits featuring Thierry Mugler Angel, Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue and Revlon PhotoReady Kajal eye pencils

Listen up Angel fans, Thierry Mugler’s recently launched a new 75ml bottle (R1 195) carefully designed by the esteemed French glass makers Verreries Bross. (Don’t feel bad – I hadn’t heard of them myself until reading the press release.)

I’m quite proud of how gorgeous this piccie turned out.

It’s supposed to reflect the star, but sees it projecting into the future which explains why it kind of projects outwards like a very pretty iceberg.

Too much of the pretty!
Too much of the pretty!

Like all Angel bottles, its gorgeous and can be refilled an unlimited amount of times from The Source, a perfume fountain you’ll find at selected Mugler-stocking stores. Aside from being eco-friendly, it’s also economical in that you only pay for the price of the perfume and not the bottle.

Typing this up made me get up and slather on a little Angel body lotion and I’ve got to say – this scent is really growing on me as I get older. To me it smells like warm, fruity rum n’ raisin chocolate infused with nuts and I love its audacity. You can’t wear Angel and not make (nor leave) an impression.

Maybelline hit the big time with Baby Lips in that girls love ’em and they’ve been churning out new variants ever since, the latest being Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue Intensive Care lip balm (R35).

Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue
From left to right you’ve got Berry Soft, Too Cool and Coral Crave.

This particular formula’s infused with cooling menthol and eucalyptus oil to give it a slightly medicinal feel while Shea butter, honey and natural waxes help to hydrate and retain your lips’ moisture.

To me, each balm ‘feels’ exactly like a Labello, smells and tingles like Zam-Buk and tastes like nothing. The non-tinted colour is exactly that while the Berry Soft, Coral Crave and Soothing Sorbet all leave a subtle hint of colour. Soothing Sorbet, a cherry-berry colour makes the most impact which is why it would be my favourite if I liked very minty balms.

Cherry Berry
Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue in Soothing Sorbet.

I totally don’t but know a million of you do and have no doubt these babies are going to fly off the shelves like Woolworths’ Apricot and White Chocolate hot cross buns. (And I use that as an example as I’m yet to see any in store. OMG! Help!)

Last but not least, Revlon have launched PhotoReady Kajal eye pencils (R130), a line of matte liners that promise all day wear and feature a built-in smudger so you can smoke things up a little. Matte Coal and Matte Charcoal are your standard darlings, then there’s Matte Marine, a trendy turquoise hue and Matte Lemon, a terrifying yellow that I can’t imagine looking good on anyone. But that might well be because I’ve recently turned 34 and am sliding into the tar pit of Oldsville as speak. I’m sure Kendall and Kylie will rock the shizz out of it a pop-up vodka bar next week and every girl will rush their local Clicks to geel up their lids Jenner-style. Who knows.

I was given Matte Black and Matte BLAH to play with.
I was given Matte Black and Matte Marine to play with.

But ja, getting back to safe, old person (and possibly classic) black – this pencil’s a serious goodie in that it strokes on like gel, smudges like a make-up artist’s dream and once it’s set it sits.

Very, very nice.
Very, very nice.

So, you see anything you like?

Love, love


4 thoughts on “Beauty bits featuring Thierry Mugler Angel, Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue and Revlon PhotoReady Kajal eye pencils

  1. Those pencils look amazing! I love a bold colour that’s easy to blend! Usually you either get bold, smudgeable or an easy glide application, not all three.

  2. how many years have you been blogging for? i know its a totally unrelated question to this post-was just wondering. that is all…

    on a post related note- i love this black eye pencil! will try to buy one when i can. 🙂

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