Review with swatches: Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette

Right! I’m back! I’m not going to bore you with any ‘new year, new me’ spiel. I have no resolutions and just going to keep dragging my body forward into the years until bits of it start falling off and I die. I realise that sounds fabulously morbid but I’m actually very optimistic for 2017. Being a bit of a weirdo person who just knows freaky deaky stuff that other people don’t I’ve been looking forward to turning 36 since my twenties ‘cos I know it’s going to be an important year in my life so let’s see how that rolls out, shall we?

Now let’s get down to bizznizz! Urban Decay are totally churning out the limited edition palettes, the most recent being Full Spectrum (R999) that’s going to thrill the flippin’ pants off anyone who’s crazy for colour.

Hello, hello!
Hello, hello!


The 'crystal' cover deserves a close up.
The ‘crystal’ cover deserves a close up.

Now let’s dive inside!

Told ya! Colour lover's paradise.
Told ya! Colour lover’s paradise. Clicking on this pic will enlarge it and you’ll get a clearer shot. WordPress always diminishes shot quality. Insert sad face here.

Now can we break for a second so I can show off the adorable li’l rainbow pooh pillow that announced it’s arrival?

Don’t you think he looks like a Rupert?

How much do we love him? It wasn’t ‘at first sight’, however. I initially took him along with me to the P of E when I went to visit the fam over the holidays with the intension of giving him to my doggies as part of their Christmas pressie (they have rather fancy beds and can never have enough pillows) but by the time I got there we’d fully bonded and there was no way I was letting him go. So now his garish li’l ass is back, living it up on my bed where he’s glaringly out of place in my OCD-driven all white bedroom but I just don’t care. This is what love is people. It’s all about compromise.

But let’s get back to chatting about Full Spectrum. There’s no compromise there. If you want killer quality, long-wearing, ultra-blendable shadow and you want ’em bont as all hell this palette is one of the best your money can buy. Of the 21 hues, 18 are all new and three are from palettes of the past. Also, I love that the brush it comes with is a regte, egte double-ended one featuring a tapered crease brush on one side and a shadow brush on the other. No stupid little foam applicators here, thanks! Also, if you’re still applying your shadow using a foam tip, I beg of you to please, please, please make 2017 the year you buy yourself a big girl blending brush. The difference it makes in terms of ease of application and your ability to truly blend and sweep is like chalk and cheese.

Now let’s get swatchy shall we?

From left to right:
From left to right: Alchemy, Warning, Midnight Blaze, Hundred, Minx, Delirious and Platonic.


From left to right:
From left to right: Gossip, Seize, Calavera, Hatter, Blindsided, Sketch and Iced.


From left to right:
From left to right: Paranoia, Jones, Goldmine, Mean, Metamorphosis, Faded and Bump. (Fun fact! ‘Bump’ is slang for a small hit of coke. Can you tell I used to work in advertising?)

Being a boring neutral sort, this palette initially scared me. I tend to live and die with either a bronze or taupe eye that I create using my beloved Naked 1 palette. However, having this dude in my possession has challenged me to get a little more adventurous, particularly on days when I’m wearing all black. I also like that, as the shadows can be used wet or dry, I have the option of taking a single daring colour and converting it into a liner that can be worn alone as a statement-making swoosh.

I was playing around and here are two of the looks I liked best that didn’t come out blurry as all hell. (Doing a macro shot of your eye is so much harder than it would sound. OMG!)

We've got Goldmine in the corner (my favourite shade of them all),
We’ve got Goldmine in the inner corner (my favourite shade of them all), a blend of Paranoia and Gossip in the middle and Sketch winging at the outer corner.

This other look is a little is similar but a lot darker and looked magnificent once it was fully blended and fixed but, being a moron, I accidentally deleted my final shot so you’re left with the test but ag wat, you totally get the idea.

Again we’ve got Goldmine on in the inner corner, Sketch in the middle and Delirious on the outer corner.

Rainbow Brite, eat your kaleidoscopic heart out!

Love, love


P.S. I’m hitting pan on my favourite Urban Decay Naked 1 shade and that’s Toasted. I decided to buy it as a single but the bloody Foschini website that’s now selling UD’s full range (yes!) is out of stock. So, not having the patience to wait for my eBay purchase, I caved and checked out MAC’s Sable which is supposed to be this great dupe and can now tell you with absolute certainty it’s just not the same, especially when it comes to texture, so please don’t believe the hype!

P.S.S. Do you have any idea what it feels like to finally, finally run into your ex in an airport – the dude you’ve spent four years of your life avoiding – and you’re clutching A RAINBOW-COLOURED POOH? Do you?! DO YOU?!! Ja, I didn’t think so…

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