Uwe Koetter’s ‘Why’ collection is the last word in affordable luxury (and you could win, win, win!)

As South Africans, we’re pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to lustable jewellers. I mean, who needs Harry Winston, right? Thing is, not every girl will be lucky enough to run around with a Koetter creation on her on her finger (or writs, or ears, or arm…) but here’s the good news – the ultra-luxurious brand’s become a little more attainable thanks to its backing of a new jewellery collection called ‘Why’, aimed at women like you and me.

First finger: Topaz ring R4000 and amethyst and citrine eternity ring R2500. Second finger: Diamond and topaz ring R4000 and amethyst ring R2500. Third finger: Peridot and topaz eternity ring R2500.


Pretty, pretty!

Each piece is made using sterling silver that’s been plated with either white, yellow or rose gold and most of them feature at least one diamond. But here’s the kicker – the pricing starts from just R500. That’s the price of a top at Woolies, girls! They even have engagement rings going for R12 000.

A smidge of Why's Love collection.
A smidge of Why’s Love collection.

Last month, I was invited to pop into Uwe Koetter’s Cape Quarter store to experience the Why? collection for myself and it really is just that – an ‘experience’. The heavy glass doors swish open to reveal a gleaming show room peppered with sparkling, gleaming trinkets that pull your eyes in every direction like a magpie tossed into Aladdin’s cave. A lush lounge suite invites you to sip on a whiskey poured from a crystal flacon or indulge in an espresso from their champagne bar.

The 'Why?' experience
The ‘Why’ experience

This is a store you’d never just nip in and out of. There are too many pretty things to see and the lovely staff are more than happy to give you a tour. They’re also happy for you to try things on and walk around the store with it ‘to see how it feels’. In the end, that’s what fine jewellery’s all about, isn’t it? Finding something beautiful that truly resonates with you and makes you feel good, special even, whenever you wear it.

On the left: Rhodolite rings R1 200 each. On the right: Topaz ring R4 300.

Anyway, I saw a host of pretty pretties and was invited to take my pick (I know, you hate you me, you haaaate me) but it was a difficult task. There was just sooo much mooiness.

On the left: Teardrop floral diamond earrings R1000. On the right: Triple tier diamond chandelier earrings R1 600.


On the left: Heart diamond pendant R2000 each. On the right: Heart diamond ring R2 200.

Eventually, after much deliberation, I decided I didn’t want to remove this baby from my finger, an amethyst and citrine eternity ring.

Love this!
Love this!

I don’t usually wear thin, delicate rings. I like a big cocktail number big enough to deck a would-be hijacker in a parking lot. But something about this particular li’l darling just spoke to me. It’s gold with purple and yellow stones reminded me of Thierry Mugler’s Alien EDT, which is one of my favourite perfumes. Also, I liked the fact that it was a pop of colour. I’m usually a bit boring in that I stick to plain old gold as it ‘matches’ everything so stepping into eye-catching colour territory made me feel bold and daring. Later, I researched the properties of the stones online and found that citrine is all about ‘fresh energy and a new start’ (love that!) while amethyst can protect you from migraines and insomnia (both issues I occasionally battle with) as well as, er, drunkeness!

From left to right: Crown diamond pendants R1 800 each, filigree diamond pendant R900 and map diamond pendants R1 200 each.

In short, my Uwe Koetter Why? experience was wonderful. I love the freshness, modernity and the youthfulness of the brand and, like I said, I adore that it’s accessible to women like me – those who crave beauty and luxury but don’t have the budget to blow R20K on a bauble while saving up for a deposit on a home.

On the left: Round eternity ring R500. On the right: Diamond Stax rings, R1200 each.

But now here comes the awesome part – Why has been kind enough to offer me yet another beautiful piece to give away in a reader competition. I’ve yet to choose which item I’ll give away – they’re all just so gorgeous – so I thought I’d ask for your help. Let me know, in the comments section, which item you’d most like to win and I’ll use it as a measure of what to request as a prize for a competition that’ll go live on Monday next week. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that this is one you’re not going to want to miss.

Don’t want to leave your chances up to Lady Lucky? You can shop the collection online over here.

Love, love


29 thoughts on “Uwe Koetter’s ‘Why’ collection is the last word in affordable luxury (and you could win, win, win!)

  1. Soooooo much prettiness! Is that filigree heart really R900 and not perhaps R1900? Just checking. The price seems too good to be true.

  2. That topaz & citrine beauty you were wearing on Saturday is still my best, you’re lucky I didn’t cut your finger off with a bread knife to get at it while you were sipping on that Veuve and cuddling with your balloon poodle 😉 xxx

  3. Definitely wouldn’t mind the last Topaz ring, that blue is awesome, a stunning setting! Would lol perfect on me 🙄

  4. So much pretty at such affordable prices.My eye was drawn to the love collection and what looked like a rose gold princess cut diamond.Am in love with Rose gold ! I don’t own a ring as a piece of jewellery would love to own that piece xxx

  5. I actually like the peridot and topaz eternity ring best, though the one you chose is also beautiful. I like that they are more delicate. Not everyone likes wearing gobstoppers (even if they are pretty)

  6. Phew what a dilemma, not wonder you were undecided and for me, a Libran it would be hell!!! Love the Peridot and Topaz ring but reckon the triple tier diamond chandelier earrings are a winner .. plus no sizing necessary.

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