Review: Noreva Trio White Corrector Pen Targeted Action and Aquareva Moisturising Cream 24H

Now exclusive to Clicks, Noreva is a French dermaceutical brand with a pretty extensive line up that offer something for everybody – anti-aging, pigmentation-busting, hydrating, acne-improving, you name it, the line is there.

zThat French shizzle basically means 'developed by dermatologists'.
zThat French shizzle basically means ‘developed by dermatologists’.

I really appreciate that 99% of their products aren’t in jar packaging. This way, your ingredients are going to stay more potent for longer. While the concentration of their active ingredients isn’t salon-strength high, they sit a lot higher up in the ingredients list than the vast majority of other drug store skin care brands.

In terms of bang for your buck (out of the products I was given to try), I reckon Trio White Corrector Pen Targeted Action (R279,95) is a good pick.

Noreva Trio White Corrector Pen Targeted Action

It contains a higher concentration of pigementation-blitzing vitamin C than the brand’s Iklen anti-brown spot concentrate as well as alpha-arbutin (another proven melanin-inhibitor). It also claims to have an AHA in the mix but I’m uncertain as to what they’re using for that effect. (I’m not saying it’s not there, just that I can’t spot any of the ‘big 5’ AHA’s in the ingredients list and don’t have the time to google each and every ingredients to see which one they’re relying on to exfoliate.)

Exfoliation is especially important for anyone struggling with pigmentation. You want to ensure your cellular turnover rate’s nice and high as that speeds up your results. Essentially, you’re sloughing away the pigmented skin and wanting the clear, non-pigmented skin to rise to the surface and then keep it that way with a seriously good sunscreen.

Another goodie is Noreva’s Aquareva 24 Moisturising Cream Rich Textured (R199,95).

Noreva 24 H Moisturising Cream Rich Textured (FYI, a lighter textured version of this is also available which would be best for oily-combo skins needing hydration. And yes, it’s very possible to have oily dehydrated skin.)

So many brands equate dry skin with needing a heavy, body butter-like texture and that’s total bull. Formulations have come a long way and can now make use of hydrolysed (when the molecules have been made smaller) hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid that penetrate deep into skin to quench and plump it from within as opposed to slop around on top of it.

Aquareva 24 is one of those products and relies on mostly glycerine, hydrogenated coconut oil and mango seed butter as well as a dash of the aforementioned hyaluronic acid to get the job done so that now, when you feel like you need a bit more hydration, you don’t have to walk around feeling like you’ve rubbed the contents of Nivea’s little blue pot on your gesig.

To learn more about Noreva check out their site and give their goodies a squizz next time you find yourself in Clicks. And yes, I can’t believe I just used the word squizz! I feel like a dorky banana clip-wearing Grade 5 teacher but hey, it’s going to have to stay that way. I’m still riddled with flu and dying to hit ‘publish’ so I knock back two more Corenzas and black out half way through a podcast.

Love, love


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