Best of the big ass Wet n Wild box

A little back Wet n Wild sent me a nice, big box of their goodies. Like all cheap and cheerful drug store brands, some of their items were cool and some were a bit kak, but overall I was really impressed and found several favourites, the first being this awesome eye shadow trio, Wet n Wild Color Icon in Walking on Eggshells (R69,95).

I ignored their ‘browbone, crease and eyelid advice’, choosing to live on the (wet and) wild side by doing my own thing. I’m a gangsta like that.

Quality-wise, I find Wet n Wild’s eye shadows are best comparable to Maybelline – nicely pigmented, but not crazily so and very easy to blend, blend, blend. Speaking of Maybelline, this particular shadow trio reminds me a helluva lot of one the brand used to make called Chocolate Mousse. I wore that pretty much every day in my teens and early twenties so Wet n Wild’s set kind of felt like coming home.

As far as mascara goes, I was given two to try – Mega Impact (R79,95) and XXL Lash (R84,95).

Wet n Wild Mega Impact mascara boasts the slightly more tapered brush (bottom right).

To be honest, when it came to results, I really struggled to tell the difference between the two but have decided I prefer Mega Impact as it’s tapered brush makes it the teensiest bit easier to get into corners. Just two coats results in decent enough volume, a little more length and good definition.

Walking on Eggshells (dark colour on my lid and the 'mid' shade in my crease) and mascara
Walking on Eggshells (dark colour on my lid and the ‘mid’ shade in my crease) and Mega Impact mascara.

Moving on to lippies – I really liked these boys.

Megaslicks Balm Stain in Red-dy Or Not (R49,95) and Wet n Wild Mega Last lip colour in Coral-ine (R44,95).

The stain goes on much like one of Revlon’s more moisturising ‘chubby sticks’ and yep, it really does stain your lips with colour. The only downer is that the cap eventually gets ‘loose’ and perpetually pops off in your handbag, turning everything you own a lovely shade of rooi. Still, I like this colour enough to relegate it to a separate compartment in my bag.

As for the coral shade, Coral-line, this is gorgeous as it’s long-wearing and blue-based. Meaning it won’t bring out the yellow in your teeth – the sole reason for me avoiding 99% of coral hues on the shelf. While it’s not as hydrating as the Balm Stain formula, it still feels comfortable on your lips. My only gripe, again, is the packaging. The colour won’t twist all the way down into the tube (you’d have to wear it down via use) so I often clip and chip it when trying to put the lid back on in a rush.

Wearing the aforementioned goodies on my eyes and Coral-ine on my lips.
Wearing the aforementioned goodies on my eyes and Red-dy Or Not (the Balm Stain) on my lips. I love how the latter’s an easy way to wear red in the day due to it’s sheer, juicy finish.

Other gems? Wet n Wild Wild Shine nail color in Red Red, a mere R24,05!

Wet n Wild
Excuse the shitty paint job. I’m a busy girl, okay?

Yes, it was shiny when dry, but then it chipped like crazy. But with a top coat it gets a two thumbs up. I liked that you only needed two coats to get the desired opacity; it dried fast and the colour is the perfect cherry red that’s super flattering for cool-toned peeps like myself.

One last thing – Wet n Wild Coverall Pressed Powder (R54,95) is fantastic! I’ve accidentally deleted my piccie and don’t want to photograph it now as it’s been living in my makeup bag for a while and now looks a bit nasty thanks to a cracked cover, but this is seriously good stuff considering the price tag. I like that the coverage can be as sheer or heavy as you want and, unlike most cheap powders, the texture isn’t chalky in the least.

Keen to try Wet n Wild cosmetics yourself? Keep an eye out for them in selected Clicks stores.

Love, love


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