Keen to make your own Havaianas?

Last night I popped into the V&A Waterfront to visit Havaiana’s new pop-up shop in the barrow market court. (It’s literally just outside the Havaiana’s shop, just below the Numetro theatres.) They’re exploring a pretty cool concept where you get to make your own customised pair of flip-flops.

Snapping the Havaiana wheel of fortune while it was upside was regretable.
Snapping the Havaianas wheel of fortune while it was upside was regrettable.

How does it work? You simple pick out a sole, choose a pair of straps and can then add a cutesy li’l charm. It then takes less than two minutes for a friendly staff member to slap it all together and BOOM, you’ve got a custom pair of Havis. For the record, that’s the ‘boy wheel’ pictured up top. There’s a ‘girl wheel’ too and even more colours to pick from at the bar.

Decisions, decisions...
Decisions, decisions…

If you’re keen, you’ll find the pop-up slop bar (God, that sounds funny!) running until Monday the 17th. Price-wise, you’re looking at from R250 per pair so it’s a super affordable li’l treat.

These are the Havis I created. Do we like?
These are the Havis I created. Do we like? They’re going to serve me well in Thailand next month.

Love, love


6 thoughts on “Keen to make your own Havaianas?

  1. Thank goodness this has finally arrived here! It’s being happening in Brazil for years; and the prices are on par!

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