Eco Diva 100% shower gel and cupcake bath bomb smell great and are good enough to eat (almost)

If you’re an early enough riser to catchExpresso, chances are you’ve spotted Eco Diva Nicole Sherwin on TV. Apparently she’stheir DIY presenter and, as she’s got a love of all things eco, she’s usually dispensing tips on how to do things in a greener way.

Nicole Sherwin
Nicole Sherwin – living proof that all not hippies are dirty. Or wear kaftans and Birkenstocks.

Because she’s a overcheiver soos ek (not to mention a fellow Pisces), Nicole’s also created her own line of bath and body goodies called Eco Diva 100%. It uses only natural ingredients and is free of petrochemicals, synthetic substances and toxins. It goes without saying that no fur babies were harmed or tested on in the creation process. The packaging is also a highlight as it’s super cute and retro-inspired, much like Benefit Cosmetics and Dirty Works.

Anyway, Nicole gave me two of her goodies to play with – Eco Diva 100% Body Wash (R120) and a Cupcake Bath Bomb (R75).

Pretty, pretty!
Pretty, pretty!

The box caused a bit of a stir in my office as everybody kept assuming it was goodies from Charlie’s Bakery and the zexy, ultra realistic-looking cupcake confused the issue further. Nicole does say her goodies are so natural you could almost eat them, but does she realise how many people wanted to shove her yumtastical li’l bath bomb into their faces?

Told ya - real looking!
Told ya – real looking!

Anyway, I haven’t used it yet (the bath bomb) as I don’t own a bath (I know, I know. Send your pity by way of the Southern Suburbs, please), but I’ll be taking it with me when Karisa and I review a hotel later this month.

As for the body wash, this is lovely stuff. As per everything in the Eco Diva 100% line, it boasts a bespoke fragrance of bergamont-grapefruit-vanilla. It’s fabulously fresh, yet comforting – the ultimate ‘uplifting’ mix – and reminds me a lot of Mama Mio’s products’ scent.

Eco Diva 100% Body Wash
Eco Diva 100% Body Wash

I also appreciated that it still foamed up, albeit gently, (many ‘natural’ cleanser I’ve tried in the past haven’t) and my skin was left feeling clean yet hydrated thanks to the inclusion of coconut oil.

If you want to give Nicole’s goodies a bash yourself and see all the other mooi things she’s created (bath cake pops – oh yeah!), pop on over to her webpage over here. You can totally shop online.

Love, love


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