Heard about Beauty Direct mobile spa? It’s awesome *and* affordable

Need a mani or massage and don’t have time to hit up a salon? Want to add an element of glam to your next partytjie? Best you get hold of Beauty Direct, a mobile salon that comes to wherever you are and charges super affordable prices yet offers a top quality service.

Karisa and Ritza getting their gelish on.
Karisa and Ritza getting their gelish on.

Zelda, the spa’s owner, and one of her therapists were rad enough to pop over to a little ‘Bubbles n’ Beauty’ bash myself and a few blogger besties threw at Karisa’s place the other day. I loved that myself, Karisa, Clouds and Ritza all got to clink glasses (‘Champagne o’ clock – oh yeah!), gorge on Diva’s pizza (their Diva Deluxe, a cheeseless yet beyond delish little number is the shizzles nizzle) while getting our gelish on.

Loving it.
Loving it.

Myself and Clouds opted for Hot Rot Red, a zexy li’l rooi, while Karisa chose Black Cherry Berry, a deep vampy burgundy and Ritza went for Tiger Blossom, a gorgeous coral (but I’m not the douchebag friend who’s going to post piccies of her feet for nasty foot fetish dudes to ogle so you’ll just have to trust me when I say it was super duper pretty). It’s been almost a week since our party and my nails are still looking as though I’ve just stepped out of a salon – zero chips and lots of shine.

The mooi rooiness on Clouds and I is Hot Rod Red and Karisa's rocking BLAH.
The mooi rooiness on Clouds and I is Hot Rod Red and Karisa’s rocking Black Cherry Berry.


It was a good day for eating. And how much do we looove those cupcakes? Cupdogs and Bullcakes hits a home run once again.
It was a good day for eating. And how much do we looove those cupcakes? Bullcakes & Cupdogs hits a home run once again.

Towards the end, things got increasingly wild so a huge thanks to Zelda for turning a blind eye to our special brand of cray. And also for enduring my incessant grilling. Think: ‘Tell me about the creepiest, worst person you’ve ever had to treat…’. This is something I do to pretty much everyone who touches me in a therapist capacity ‘cos, oh boy, do I know ‘dem ladies all have stories… (Some men, regardless of how well-manicured they are, can be suuuch creepers!)

Anyway, if you want Mobile Beauty Direct to pop on over to help you get your mooiness on, be it on your ace or in a fun, girlie group, pay a visit to their webpage. Like I said, the prices are great in that a simple gelish application is just R150 and a deluxe gelish mani is R300! Other treatments include facials, tinting, spray tanning, waxing, massages and even permanent make-up.

They also offer packages which are crazy good value for money. For example, for just R500, you can pick any three of the following five treatments: an express hydrating facial, a coconut scalp massage, a cold paraffin hand massage, a cold paraffin foot massage and a back, neck and shoulder massage.

To view their full treatment menu, get clicky clicky over here.

Love, love


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