Bullcakes & Cupdogs make the prettiest cupcakes in Cape Town

My friend Ritza (yep, Luxo.co.za‘s Ritza) celebrated her birthday at Kloof Street House the other day. (If you’ve yet to go, you have to try the butternut, sage and ricotta ravioli in gorgonzola sauce – it’s awesome.)

Fun, fun, fun!

I’m currently attempting to save every penny I earn so I can disappear to Thailand for a bit so I’d planned to give Ritza an ‘economy present’, probably a large potato with ‘Happy happy old bag!’ scrawled across it. Luckily for her, my friend Natalie, she of Bullcakes & Cupdogs, stepped in and saved the day with a bespoke set of cupcakes.

Errrmigod! How much do we love the little blue Tiffany boxes?
Errrmigod! How much do we love the little blue Tiffany boxes?

Natalie’s a crazy talented bakeress (is that a word?) and makes the most beautiful novelty cupcakes ever for just R15 a pop. (That’s almost half the price of boring old Charly’s and her cupcakes actually taste as good as they look.)

To see more of Natalie’s cupcakes, pop on over to her Facebook page or give her a shout on 079 078 6118 or mail her on bullcakesandcupdogs@gmail.com.

Love, love


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