Reviews: Elancyl Slim Design Caffeine Complex, Johnson & Johnson’s Vita-Rich firming body tissue oil and Elizabeth Arden’s Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring eye serum

I’ve been pretty vocal about how I feel about cellulite products online. I think that if there was something out there that was truly miraculous in it’s efficacy we’d all know about it and be using it right now. For this reason, I don’t have high hopes for big results from any of them.

In saying that, however, I’ve enjoyed using Elancyl Slim Design Caffeine Complex for stubborn cellulite (R395, Dis-Chem).

My mooi friend Jeannie D is now the face and butt of this brand and serves it well.

As the name suggests, it contains a whopload of caffeine which has long been thought to improve the appearance of cellulite. Apparently, if topical caffeine works, it’s due to it’s ability to temporarily shrink fat cells and dehydrate the area which can create a smoother, albeit short lived look.  Elancyl’s lotion also contains two ingredient I haven’t heard of before called salacia and lierne that, they say, have an ‘anti-stiffening’ effect on your tissues.

So, is it making a difference? I honestly don’t know. My wobblier bits have been improving over the last while but that’s because I’m exercising a lot more in preparation for summer, so I’m hardly a proper study. Still, I do like that it absorbs fast and smells fantastic – clean and fresh in a way that reminds of Lancome’s O de Lancome EDT, a sadly discontinued citrusy scent I used to be obsessed with in high school. This makes applying it something to look forward to so, in my mind, I view it as a sensorial treat/summer body lotion that may or may not be firming my butt.

Something else my bod’s been loving lately? New Johnson & Johnson’s Vita-Rich firming body tissue oil (R109,95, Clicks).

Green Tea for the win!

I love a good body oil as I use them on my legs. I also love most things that are green tea scented (Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea EDT is a summer staple) so their green tea variant is a winner. They also have a berry-scented alternative which will go down well with anyone who likes the sweet stuff.

A blend of several skin-loving oils that include soy bean, star anise, sunflower and guarana, J&J’s body oil also includes antioxidant collagen-encouraging vitamins like C and E. I really like that, while it hydrates beautifully, it doesn’t feel greasy in the least.

Can we take a moment for the high tea served up by The Silo Hotel at the launch?

At the time of typing this, I can see that both Berry and Green Tea are sold out on Clicks’ site so clearly I’m not the only one enjoying their new oil.

UPDATE: I’ve just had a reader tell me that J&J’s new tissue oils are currently on sale at Checkers for R79! In her words ‘what a bargain’. (Thanks Anina!)

Lastly, let’s talk about Elizabeth Arden’s Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring eye serum (R655 for 60 caps.)

Longest name ever, right?

Their eye capsules have been around for a while but the brand’s updated the formula with 9 new ingredients with the aim of improving your skin’s barrier function, hydrating and minimising the look of fine lines.

So what’s in the mix? First off, you’re looking at ceramides chosen for their ability to do all the above as well as (very gently) exfoliate your skin. The latter is due to ceramide 6 which has an AHA-like quality as was as sea fennel extract, an antioxidant that can help increase your cellular turnover. While it doesn’t contain retinol, it does use retinyl palmitate, a very mild version of the active, so it shouldn’t mess with sensitive skin.

Another newbie ingredient is Japanese tsubaki (camellia/tea) oil which a serious multi-tasker as it’s packed with oleic acid, antioxidant vitamins and omega’s that all serve up various benefits for your skin with a focus on hydrating, fending off free radicals and improving elasticity.

Hello little friends!

I’ve found that, while each capsule is intended as a single dose for your eye area, they’re generously filled so you can actually use it on your entire face. I consider them an indulgent-feeling way to treat my skin to a vitamin-rich oil at night after a day where I’ve felt a bit dry.

See anything you’d like to try yourself?

Love, love


2 thoughts on “Reviews: Elancyl Slim Design Caffeine Complex, Johnson & Johnson’s Vita-Rich firming body tissue oil and Elizabeth Arden’s Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring eye serum

  1. Hello Leigh
    Enjoyed your reviews as always!
    Those body oils from Johnson’s are currently on sale at Checkers for R79 – what a bargain!!

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