Snakes alive! Buy any NIP + FAB Viper Venom product and get a FREE body serum

Hands up who loves a good a freebie? And by good I mean good. Not a spend R500 and get a stupid eye pencil free. I mean buy one product and get another full size product gratis! That’s the kind of special I’m talking about girlfriends…

Up until the end of June, if you buy a NIP + FAB Viper Venom anti-wrinkle facial or eye serum, you’ll score a free Viper Venom body serum*. 

Snakes alive
This actually arrived with jelly anacondas which I ate within two seconds of opening the press pack. Thus, my substitute sour worms o’ death. 

NIP + FAB’s Viper Venom range makes use of Sy-nake, a tripeptide mix that claims to relax your muscles in a bid to minimise the look of wrinkles, much like Botox. I don’t really know much about this ingredient but found a smattering of unbiased info over here.

Anyway, while you’re browsing the NIP + FAB aisle, take a look at the brands’ Glycolic Fix scrub – it’s hands down the best exfoliator you’ll buy in a drugstore in that it’s actually nice and scrubby. Another NIP + FAB favourite of mine are their Glycolic Fix exfoliating facial pads. I wrote a snippet about it a while back for and you can check that out over here.

Love, love


*This special is exclusive to Clicks, as is all NIP + FAB products.

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