, a new South African pro hair care online store, is up and running.

So there’s a new online hair care store in town;

They were kind enough to send me a Flower Pot Tangle Teezer which was awesome as I could then pass it on to my mom and spread the gospel of Tangle Teezer far and wide. I already own three variations of the Teezer and my mom, who has fine, super tangly hair like mine, had been living in a dark forest made up of round bristle brushes. Being able to show her the light via a kick ass Tangle Teezer was very, very satisfying.

Use the pot to store your hair bands, clips and whatever. The Teezer acts as the 'lid'. Super cute for le kiddies.
Use the pot to store your hair bands, clips and whatever. The Teezer acts as the ‘lid’. Super cute for le kiddies.

But ja, enough about TT’s; let chat about Retail Box. The store serves up a nice selection of pro hair care brands – think Kerestase, Jioco, Redken and what not – along with lots of beauty tools (Oh hello there, pastel-coloured ghd) and a few beauty brands, namely Morgan Taylor (nail polish) and Xen-Tan (self-tan).

Now this is the part where I was going to tell you about the site’s clever li’l ‘egg hunt’ competition but I’ve just spotted that it closed yesterday. Eek! (Sorry Retail Box; your goodies arrived just before I went on leave and I only got back yesterday.)

So, you might not be able to win a hamper to the value of R1000 but, if you haven’t blown your whole salary on overpriced Easter eggs* you can at least shop there. And if you blow over R500, delivery is free.

My top two picks?

A Tangle Teezer (duh!), R260.

Bling bling bitches!
Bling bling bitches!

I have this zexy gold ‘Goddess’ one and every time I whip it out my bag my friends go ‘Jesus Leigh, do you have to brush your hair in public. That’s sooo kommon…’ followed by ‘Oooh… pretty!’

Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense for thick, dry hair, R405 (and worth every blerrie cent).

Love you long time!
Love you long time!

I don’t need this product now, thank God, but every time I’ve had a hair damage disaster this baby has been the only thing that’s brought my hair back from the dead. For example, a few years back my ex hair dresser was so coked up he forgot me in a bleach bath (long story! fun times!) and BOOM my hair was sticky, unbrushable candy floss. A good chop and Kerastase’s mask, however, managed to change that. My top tip? Buy the one for THICK, DRY hair even if your hair is super fine like mine. You’ll then only need to use a tiny dollop that goes a long way as opposed to half the tub.

Love, love


*Can you believe a box of marshmallow eggs was R79 this year? Wasn’t it just R40 the other day?! Sooo ridiculous. *foot stomp foot stomp foot stomp*

P.S. Have you ever had a body rockin’ hair disaster of note? Feel free to vent in the comments section below and tell me which miracle hair product helped drag your hair back from terrifying Troll doll territory. This is a safe place to share darlings. Come now, get it all out… I’ll make us some tea.

9 thoughts on “, a new South African pro hair care online store, is up and running.

  1. A few years ago I was bridesmaid at a wedding and the hairdresser totally fried my hair while curling it into an elaborate updo. The only thing that worked was coconut oil. I kid you not! And a good trim.

    1. Shame man! I’d have murdered her. Coconut oil is amazing though. I’ve started cooking with it (delicious when you make Thai dishes) and even slather it on my legs. The only downside is that my friends’ pets then always try to lick them ;-P

      1. Blonde question: the one used for cooking (from pick n pay), is that the same one you can use on your hair and skin – or would that be the one from Dischem / Clicks? totally confused!!! ♥

      2. That’s what I’ve been doing! I just bought one in a food aisle from Pick n Pay and have been multi-tasking with it ever since 😉

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