The Body Shop introduces a new limited edition Early-Harvest Raspberry collection and Vineyard Peach is back, yo!

I’m a total sucker for ‘new’ anything so I just love it when The Body Shop brings out limited edition collections and their two latest offerings – Early-Harvest Raspberry and Vineyard Peach haven’t disappointed. In fact, Vineyard Peach was on the shelves a little while ago but when it disappeared y’all kicked up such a fuss that The Body Shop felt obliged to bring it back.

I'm back bitches! Cue 'It's been a long, we shouldna left you, without a dope beat to step to..'
I’m baaa-ack, bitches! Cue ‘It’s been a long time… we shouldna left you… without a dope beat to step to…’ (Ja, I have no idea where that came from either.)

Available as a body butter (R99), scrub (R90) and shower gel (R60), each line makes use of Community Fair Trade ingredients and boasts a very ‘realistic’ fragrance. No sickly sweet, plasticky fruit flavours here. Oh no! I only have to sniff the Vineyard Peach shower gel and immediately feel like I’ve pressed my nose into a ripe, fuzzy peach. Yumness!

Early-Harvest Raspberry is lovely too.

Every girl needs a pretty pink body cream in their stash, right?

I was given the body butter (thanks Shelley!) and can literally smell the juicy sweetness, a bit of cream and even a little nuttiness of regte egte raspberries. This doesn’t interfere with your perfume, however. You’d have to get your nose really close to your skin to pick up the scent after application.

Which is my favourite of the two? God, I don’t know. I’m sitting here as I type, alternating the peachy shower gel and raspberry body butter under my nose and just can’t decide which one I like best. Okay, wait I can. It’s raspberry for the win. It’s actually now started to smell a bit like raspberry-flavoured double thick yogurt which isn’t a bad thing. And now all I want is bloody double thick yogurt and raspberries. Damnit!

Want to give the new scents a sniff yourself? Get thee to your nearest The Body Shop fast. And while you’re there snap up your favourite The Body Shop fragrance as they’re now all less 20% until the 11th of May.

Love, love


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