Accessorize has teamed up with Stylista (and their autumn/winter 2014 collection is hot, hot, hot!)

Heard about Stylista? It’s an online social community that’s all about ‘street style’. A spot where you can upload shots of you rocking a look while promoting your blog or website and have other visitors ‘like’ your style. In turn, you can draw a li’l inspirasie by flicking through hundreds of user-generated looks and ‘follow’ the peeps who float your boat.

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Anyway, Accessorize did a li’l colab with Stylista the other day and sent me a very mooi necklace for me to snap and slap up on the site.

Pretty, pretty! (And FYI, the lippie I'm wearing is an Arden shade called Electric Pink).
Pretty, pretty! (And FYI, the lippie I’m wearing is an Arden shade called Electric Pink).

Alas, I’m not too sure if you can run out and get this boy in store as I’ve been a total slacker in regards to getting this post out. (Sorry Charli, forgiveness! It was one helluva month. And I did get piccies taken soon after. I just absolutely hated them. Not the jewellery. I mean me. The way I was smiling was so darn… Arrrgh!!! Let me just make it up to you by showing off some more of your very pretty things, okay?)

Having had a flick through Accessorize’s autumn/winter 2014 look book I can pick up three distinct trends, one being vintage glamour.

Girl, I want your dresser. And your nose and cheek bones. Plus that zexy hot pink lippie. Oh wait, at least I’ve got the latter going on for me.

‘Tough luxe’ is also a biggie. Think lots of warm-looking layers and textures enhanced by bold, statement-making accessories.

Pleather, tartan and an ‘ugly’ knit. These girls are rocking the winter trend trifecta.

Last but not least, monochrome is still here to stay and you’ll find Accessorize has a host of hot black and white bags along with silver and black jewellery to ice your look.

Houndstooth on stripes. Be brave girls, you can do it.

To view the rest of Accessorize’s new look book pop on over to their site over here. I also find a nice selection of their winter goodies sitting pretty on Stylista and these babies are my favourite of the lot.

Going clockwise: Jewelled teardrop earrings R169, brushed heart necklace R899, animal lined Mari tote R899 and diagonal zip bag R399.

See anything you like?

Love, love


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