I scream, you scream, we all scream for Essence’s new Me & My Ice Cream collection

So the ice cream truck’s rolled into town to deliver Essence’s much anticipated Me & My Ice Cream collection to Clicks. And what makes it so darn special? It’s absolutely adorable-looking.

Ag cute man!
Ag cuuuute man!

I got up close and personal with this at a Cosmetix launch about a year back (yep, it’s been available oorsee for a while now) and walked away with Icylicious, the marbled eye shadow on the far right. It blends beautifully to create a pale shimmering silver-pink; a lovely brow bone highlighter that I reach for almost every day. If I wasn’t so hung I’d crawl to my room, dig it out my suitcase and take a swatch shot for you.

The star of the collection, however, is most definitely the shimmer pearls. They’re a lovely ‘low end’ answer to Guerlain’s horrifyingly expensive meteorites powder pearls. If you’ve ever been curious to try the former, then you definitely need to snap up the latter. Just keep in mind that this is a highlighting powder and not a blush. If you sweep this over any part of your face where the pores are enlarged, it’s going to draw attention to them in a major way. Rather whisk it across the very top of your cheek bone and keep things close to your ear. Or perhaps dust it along the top of your collarbone.

This pretty pot's called I-C-You.
This pretty pot’s called I-Cy-U. Can we all just agree that’s a rubbish name for something so mooi-looking? 

As far the nail polish and nail stickers go I can’t comment there as I haven’t tried them. I remember noting that the lip balms feel like Labello, go on clear and feature sweet, yummy scents and that the hand wipes smell like strawberries and cream. I was disappointed by the blush, but only because I’m a cool-toned peep so it’s brick-like colour made me look ‘ruddy’. Like the alco-mom who stashes her vodka in the toilet’s cistern and wanders around Game in pyjama pants and a banana clip. Still, I saw on twitter that my beloved Chantelle from Not Another Poppie thinks it’s the bee’s fuckin’ knees. And she’s a hot, sexy cool-toned bitch like me so maybe I just remembered it wrong. Whatevs.

Anyway, I’m working from a laptop in PE using my parent’s kak wi-fi and having serious connection dramz so I’m not going to cruise my inboxes looking for prices. Just know that this collection is cheap as chips, limited edition and going to sell out faster than tickets to a U2 concert. So if there’s something you want, best you haul ass.

Love, love


5 thoughts on “I scream, you scream, we all scream for Essence’s new Me & My Ice Cream collection

  1. You are remembering wrong, it’s a sorbet peach shade. Looked different in the press images, but when I saw it in Clicks yesterday I bought the second-last one very fast.

    Your hot, sexy, cool-toned bitch (that doesn’t self-tan so I’m two shades paler than you at any given time xx)

  2. I took nail polish and this pearls some time ago. I should say that nail polish is soo bad:D Impossible to apply nicely and shimmering pearls are very very very cute, but hard to get on brush, better works if to rub with finger. May be something wrong with my brush I don’t know. I think it will look nice to put on shoulders in the summer evening:)

    1. It’s hard to find a good cheap pale pastel polish. Ja, that’s the thing with Essence. Some of their things are kak but my God do they have a couple of gems.

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