Hey Gorgeous’ Apple Crumble surface cleaner is rocking my OCD-riddled world

If you know me well you’ll know I’m a little bit OCD. Like, when I first moved to Cape Town ten thousand years ago I remember knowing it was important that I be here, but feeling terrified at the same time. I then proceeded to drive my flatmates crazy by painting (and re-painting) my bedroom walls a whopping six times because it just didn’t look ‘even’ or ‘perfect’ enough. While I felt like I couldn’t control what was going on around me, I could sure as hell micro-manage the shit out of my bedroom walls and that went a long way to making me feel better. That and buying/testing almost every single foundation on the shelves in an obsessive bid to find ‘the best’. (For the record, it was L’Oreal’s Translucide which is now sadly discontinued.)

Anyway, I’ve definitely got a better grip on all that as I’m now acutely aware of when I start ‘transferring’ my feelings. The moment I start lining up my shoes with a spirit level, wipe down every shelf in my kitchen cupboards or feel my throat tighten up ‘cos I’m staying over at a friend who has four different shampoos open and at various levels of use as opposed to just one (‘How do people live like this?!!’) I know I’m under too much stress and need to make a plan.

Still, in saying that, you have noooo idea how much I appreciate a good cleaning product. Discovering stainless steel wipes felt sooo good! Being able to buy Febreze from the UK online is amazing. And now, I’m having a li’l love affair with Hey Gorgeous’ Apple Crumble surface cleaner.

My owl sugar bowl's from Typo, in case you were wondering.
My super cute owl sugar bowl’s from Typo, in case you were wondering.

For those of you who don’t know it, Hey Gorgeous is a local bath and body brand that offers all natural products using organic ingredients wherever possible and specialising in yummy scents like creme brulee, candy floss and caramel fudge.

Aside from body butters, scrubs and the like, they also make a delish-smelling Apple Crumble surface cleaner (R45 for 375ml).  Ingredients-wise, it’s all natural vinegar, apple juice and essential oils and does a bang up job of cleansing surfaces and polishing mirrors and glass and yes, it smells exactly like an oven fresh apple crumble tart. Obsessively cleaning my flat over and over to the tune of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball while crying my eyes out never smelled so good! Kidding, kidding… I’m in a good place right now and am blitzing surfaces with a smile on my face. Except for that one time when I licked my mirrored microwave in a bid to see if Hey Gorgeous’ cleanser tasted as good as it smelled. (It doesn’t.)

Anyway, if you want to get your clean on but are totally over the blahness of ocean breezes, lemons and pine, pop on over to Hey Gorgeous’ Facebook page. I see the surface cleaner is being promoted there but isn’t available on their website just yet.

Happy cleaning girls! And if, like me, you’re somewhat secretly action packed with semi-obsessive control issues, please feel free to spill your guts in the comments section if only to make me feel better.

Love, love


6 thoughts on “Hey Gorgeous’ Apple Crumble surface cleaner is rocking my OCD-riddled world

  1. Apple crumble surface cleaner?! That sounds amazing! It may be nerdy but I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when cleaning. Although I am totally guilty of numerous open shampoo bottles – do I want to moisturise my hair? Do I want to protect the colour? Do I want a mask? So many choices 🙂

    1. That I can understand; variety is the spice of life. But when I go home to PE and discover a shower full of six different shampoos all promising to do the same thing at varying levels of use I end up frantically decanting while using the almost donesie one as a body wash just to get rid of it. Almost have to fight the urge to shower three times a day just to get to a point where it’s done and dusted ;-P

  2. Awwwww…. control issues aren’t so bad… don’t trust nobody to do the job right… so then I do it myself 😀 Problem solved!

  3. I’m totes OCD. But my spirit level, tape measure and specialized cleaning products don’t only come out when I’m stressed… Colour coding, precision packing and smallest-to-largest stacking is my normal. I like to think of it as being super organised. For example, last week I made sure that all our cupboards each had their own colour hangers. I told our domestic to please not mix them up again. P.S. My cupboard looks amazing ;))

    1. I sooo feel you on the hanger thing! Mine are all white and the very same style. If a red or blue hanger makes its way in there a vein starts bulging in my temple :-p

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