So let’s talk about my gorgeous Empress Infinity wrap dress from Walk In Closet

Remember that gorgeous dress I wore to the J&B Met last month? Let’s take a quick flash back:

I got so many compliments on this dress that day. Felt like a total princess.
I got so many compliments on this dress that day. Felt like a total princess. 

That mooi rokkie came from Walk In Closet in Bergvliet, an infinity dress boutique from which you can either buy dresses from the rails, rent them for an event or have your own one custom made, choosing from an array of materials and colours.

Walk In Closet
A peek inside Walk In Closet…

Now I know what you’re thinking. Why would I want to splash out on a WIC rokkie when I can snap up a cheapie on Gumtree? Thing is, Walk In Closet’s dresses are very, very different. For one, they come in sizes. Owner Brigid Kemp doesn’t believe in any of that one-size-fits-all kak. The hips, bust and waist of a size 6 is very different to a size 14, okay? Brigid also isn’t going to let anyone set foot out her shop without ensuring their hemline is perfect. Then there’s the fabric quality. All WIC dresses are made using top quality fabric that isn’t going to pill. (For those who don’t know, ‘pilling’ is that thing that cheap n’ nasty poly-cotton blends tends to do; get teensy little bolletjies all over them.) You can also add a printed or plain chiffon overlay!

The bottom bit is chiffon if the piccie isn't clear.
Pretty, pretty.

Oh! And your colour options are pretty much endless.

And this is just *some* not all of them. If you want a colour Brigid doesn’t have in stock you can order it.

Please just trust me when I tell you it’s not like the cheaper, tackier infinity dresses made by some tannie with nasty acrylic fingernails sitting in a hippie-infested market. Brigid, a former Miss SA first runner up, has modelled internationally for 12 years, and made a host of hot fashion contacts which she uses to this day to ensure her dresses look hot as opposed to homemade. They’re something her celeb friends are all more than happy to wear to anything from a super star SA cricket player’s wedding to a black tie charity event hosted by Edith freakin’ Venter. In short, she know’s her shizz, okay?

Here we have Brigid bringing the hotness in one of her own dresses.
Here we have Brigid bringing the hotness in one of her own dresses.

Anyway, while I wore my dress in a halter neck to the Met, there are a zillion other ways to wear it and I thought I’d show that off via a little photoshoot that took place in Brigid’s garden. She was a very patient photographer and handled me repeatedly snapping ‘Don’t make my arm looks fat!’ after every three or so shots.

These are just a few of the many options.

You can also change up the back of the dress and again these are just three of the seemingly endless options.

Brigid says the 'roll' style on the right is super popular.
For the record, that’s not cellulite on my back but the marks from my strapless bra that I’m currently too hungover to blitz with the ‘retouch’ tool.

Want even more infinity dress inspiration? There are loads of YouTube tutorials online but this is one of Brigid’s favourites:

Anyway, if you’re looking for a gorgeous-looking uber-versatile dress that’s going to fit, flatter and not turn into a klomp kak after just one wash, Walk In Closet is where it’s at. Also, if you order your dress (for purchase) before 31 March, like WIC on Facebook and quote ‘Lipgloss is my Life’, you’ll get a whopping 20% off.

Love, love


Walk In Closet dresses can be rented (R375 for short, R450 for long), bought (R860 for short, R950 for long; R1110 for short chiffon overlays, R1250 for long chiffon overlays) or made to order if Brigid’s given a seven day lead time and has the fabric you want in stock. If you order three or more dresses, you’ll receive a 10% discount. Rental dresses are never rented out more than two or three times so you can be sure the dress you’re wearing looks as good as new.

Viewings are by appointment only so give Brigid a ring on 082 898 3438 or email her on 

7 thoughts on “So let’s talk about my gorgeous Empress Infinity wrap dress from Walk In Closet

  1. Love it! I don’t see plain black material on that sample rail. I’m assuming they have it but I just want to check?

    1. Hi Lori! Yes, Brigid most definitely has plain black. That rail is just showing a few of her fabric options. You can even order a colour if she doesn’t have it though it might take a few weeks to arrive so it’s best you get in early.

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