So I got to chat to Bonang Matheba about her new Valentine’s Day-inspired lingerie line for Woolworths

Top Billing presenter, Revlon spokesmodel and all round SA ‘It Girl’, Bonang Matheba, has created a sexy lingerie line for Woolworths’ Distraction label, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Love this teddy body suit thing. Tres mooi.

To check out the full collection on Woolies’ website, pop on over here. Otherwise, these are a few of my favourite things:

Going clockwise: Animal print chemise R299; sheer stripe G-string R79,95 and satin and lace plunge bra R240, all Woolworths.

To help promote the line, I was offered a sit down chat with Queen B. We covered her involvement in the creative process and how she prepped for the shoot and then got down to the super important stuff, like her favourite lipgloss colours.

Ready to jump in?

You’re probably bored to death of this question but it’s the obvious one; how involved were you exactly?
No, I love that question because for me it’s always so much fun to tell people how it came about. I was approached by Woolworths and when they called me they said ‘We’d love you to be part of this wonderful photo shoot we’re doing…’ Then, when I got to Cape Town I was surprised to suddenly find myself in a meeting with all the marketing execs and they’re like ‘Actually, we’d actually like you to design a lingerie line for Valentine’s Day’ and I was like ‘What?!’ (laughs).

After that I flew to Cape Town a couple more times for design meetings and it was amazing. I loved looking at the lacing, the types of push up bras, the material, the fabrics, the hardware, the lacing… It really was a fascinating process and I loved being involved from day one.

They do a trend watch and show you a mood board of trends and fabrics and colours and ask that you kind of stay within those lines but create something that you absolutely love. So, I ended up creating a range that I would love to wear. Like, I love leopard print so I put in a leopard print two piece and onesie with pink lace. So Bonang! Everything has my handwriting on it ‘With Love from Bonang’. That’s my real handwriting, not a font.

What’s your favourite piece of the lot?
There’s a pink one piece corset that I love… obviously the leopard items… there’s also a Christian Louboutain-inspired piece which is black with red lining inside which is beyond amazing.

Now let’s talk prep. An underwear shoot is pretty hetic. You know every ex boyfriend and any girls who hated you in high school are totally going to see it. No pressure. So, how the hell do you prepare for something like that?
I was actually at the shoot going ‘I’m sooo out of shape! Please can’t you Photoshop me to look like Candice Swanepoel!’ (laughs).

Honestly though, I’m lucky that I’ve always been a small girl. I just made a point of eating healthily a few days before so that I just looked trim and lean on the day. Obviously I was very nervous, but I think I looked healthy. I didn’t want to be a twig. Twigs are gorgeous, but twigs aren’t sexy. And we’re in Africa. I wanted to look full and firm and have people see that picture and relate to it. I also wanted to look as ‘Bonang’ as possible. Signature hair, signature lashes. Black liner.

How did you calm your nerves?
Lots of champagne!

Now, it’s time for some quick hitters: satin or lace?

Onesie or nonesie?
Oooh, I love that! Onesie.

Sit ups or Spanx?
Spanx! Who has time to do sit ups?

If I had to turf out your mooi handsakkie what beauty goodies would I find?
Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss and liquid liner; the Revlon black liquid pen. They’re always within arm reach.

What’s your favourite lipgloss colour?
When I wear lipgloss I like to keep it natural so there’s a (Revlon) colour I use a lot called Never in the Nude. I also like a fuchsia pink every now and again.

Right. As the lingerie line’s a sexy one let’s talk about that; what’s your idea of sexy. So, sexiest date?
Take me out for dinner and then take me to the most amazing electro club so we can go dancing.

Sexiest accent?
British! I love it! I was actually joking around doing it earlier. (At this point Bonang whips out a few sentences in Brit speak. She’s surprisingly good at it.)

Sexiest city?

Sexiest SA celeb?
Janez, my (Top Billing) colleague. He’s so well mannered. I love men who open doors. Yes, he’s a beautiful person but his manners are fantastic. How he treats people is what makes him sexy.

Who is going to play you in a movie?
Vivica A Fox. She’s fire… flame… a spinner! She is uncontainable. Limitless. She’s just fierce. A strong black woman. She’s so unapologetic.

Nice. So, at the end of the movie, what song plays out as the credits roll?
Beyonce’s I Was Here.

If Revlon had to make a nail polish and name it after you what would it be called and what colour would it be?
It’s gotta be the hottest pink you’ve ever seen. Almost neon. And it’s going to be called ‘Have you ever in your life’.

Nee man, that name’s kak. Is there a story behind it?
(Laughs hysterically). You know… ‘Have you ever seen anyone in your life wear neon pink like that?!’ (more laughing). It’s about having the audacity and the confidence to pull it off…

Actually, Audacity’s a nice name.
Yes! That is hot. I love that.

When you’re on a shoot, what’s the CD you want playing in the background?
Probably, Drake. I love Beyonce. A lot of Skrillex and definitely some Rihanna. It’s gonna have to be a mix CD.

What do you want for Valentine’s Day? Chocolates, flowers? A disgusting teddy bear in a mug?
First off, I’m lactose intolerant so you can’t buy me any chocolate…

AND BOOM! My phone just stopped recording and I can’t for the life of me remember what she said. Oops! So if you’re an obsessive Bonang stalker you’re going to be in the dark as to what to leave on her lawn on the 14th. But at least you know one of those twee heart-shaped Lindt tins is a total no no.

Anyway, a dankie to Bonang for her time.

Want to check out her lingerie line? It’ll be in Woolworths stores come X February and I’m sure it’ll sell out fast so best you get a move on. If we cross paths in store please be aware of the fact that I may cat fight you for the leopard print shizz.

Love, love


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