MAVALA’s new summer 2014 nail collections have arrived and I’m a mother truckin’ artiste

MAVALA’s new nail colour collections have hit the shelves; metallic Metropolitan and the glitter-infused Jewel Collection.

As I’m not really down with the disco bunnies, I didn’t take any shots of the shades on my fingertips. I did try them out though. Like obvs. And yes, they’re deffo the good MAVALA quality you know and love. I especially like that the metallics only need two coats to reach full coverage and the formula’s thick enough not to highlight nasty nail ridges.

Anyway, to show them off, I thought I’d don a kaftan-type thing like the crazy old lady in Great Expectations*, play Shcubert’s Ava Maria on repeat via YouTube and get all artsy swatchy on your ass. Thus I give unto thee my two mini masterpieces, the first being ‘Kaleidoscope Accordion’.

From left to right you’re looking at Copper Violet, Silver Chrome, Emerald Gold, Pink Gold, Metallic Blue and Gold Bronze.

Next up, we’ve got ‘The Blingtastical Hungry Caterpillar hits up Tiffany’s. Or possibly the MCQP’. (Is that title too long? Am I possibly a rubbish artist? Oh God, should I start drinking gin and shove my head in the oven?! Is my li’l oven even big enough to fit my bloated, monster ego artist head in it? All this art shizz is waaay too stressful for me, yo…)

From left to right:
From left to right: Ruby Dust, Topaz Gem, Quartz Rock, Diamond Powder Moonstone and Gold Shimmer.

I know many of you will be clamouring to get my enamelistic art block mounted for your guest loo, but alas, I’m keeping it close to my heart. Also, the originals have been destroyed which is why I can safely say I almost bled for my art. Getting glitter polish off your floor tiles once it’s dried is not fun, okay? Not fun at all.

But hey, on the upside, you can buy each shade separately at Dis-Chem for R59,95 a pop and unleash your own inner Picasso. (And possibly enjoy a gin-addled mental breakdown too.)

Love, love


*How much do we fucking love that movie? My sister and I used to watch it on repeat until our tape got all blurry and messed up. All we wanted to do was grow up to be tall, skinny, blonde and emotionally unavailable like Gwyneth and have Ethan Hawke stand under our balconies in the pouring rain screaming ‘EVERYTHING I’VE EVER DONE HAS BEEN FOR YOU!’ while the soundtrack roars to a crescendo.

Now go revisist the 90’s over here: and let me know in the comments section if you too were pre-Goopy Gwyneth obsessed back in the day.

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