Spree.co.za’s HUGE 75% end of season sale is now on

Like most meisies, I loooove a good sale. I just hate actually shopping them. Having to bash elbows with some banana clip-wearing wildebeest to snap up a maxi dress at half the price is not my idea of fun.

Online sales, however, are always fabulous. You get to snap up what you want without any of the aforementioned dramz and have much better odds of finding the goodies you want in your size. No camping outside the store in a sleeping bag required.

Anyway, enough preamble. I’ve got some news you’re going to want to know. Today is the first day of Spree.co.za‘s moerse End of Season 75% off sale! Think mooi klere for both you, your babies and décor all at up to a whopping 75% off! Better yet, the delivery and returns are free!

Discounted brands include Zoom, Sissy Boy, Amanda Laird Cherry, G Couture, GUESS, Jo Borkett and the list goes on and on. To give you an idea of the crazy, this Jinger Jack shopper was being sold on Zando for R2 200 but you can grab it from Spree for R400!

From R1 600 to a cool R400 on Spree. Insert scream face here.

To celebrate, the store’s also offering 100% off on selected items, but to snag that deal you have to shop online between 9am and 2pm today. You can also better your odds by following them at @spreecoza and like them on Facebook. They’ll be doling out a few hints on how to snag #spreeforfree at the Spree end of season sale.

Best you get cracking bietse! That site’s going to crash any minute now.

Love, love


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