A look at Balm Balm’s new Frankincense face care collection

Balm Balm, for those out of the loop, is a 100-percent organic, natural skin care brand that hails from UK. The company refuses to test on animals and uses recyclable packaging in an attempt to leave as green a footprint as possible. Thus, if you’re big into organic beauty or, possibly a horrible person who needs to do a little karmic back peddling, this is a brand you might want to look into.

As it stands, I’m quite the fan of Balm Balm’s Rose Geranium face balm but my reasoning’s a little random. To me it smells like Iced Zoo biscuits and that’s all I need to justify my love. To be honest though, I don’t really slap it on my face. Instead, I prefer to keep it in my nail bag and use it as a deliciously scented cuticle oil; the kind that makes me want to binge eat and cry whenever I’m stuck on Atkins.

Love you long time Rose Geranium face balm.

Anyway, all that aside, I was keen to try the new Frankincense facial range; a deep cleansing balm, soothing facial tonic and light facial oil that are suitable for all skin types. Each item’s infused with Frankincense essential oil which is supposed to help restore the balance of your skin, improve circulation, heal scars and promote a sense of calm. Other key ingredients include hydrating oils and butters plus refreshing grapefruit oil.

Of everything in the line, I most liked the sunflower oil and Shea butter-infused deep cleansing balm (R235).

It’s got a faint Frankincense smell (warm, woody, ever so slightly smoky) but that’s overshadowed by zesty grapefruit which I adore.

Being oil-based, it does an awesome job of blitzing make-up including waterproof mascara. Simply massage it onto your skin and then wipe it off with a cloth. Much like the Rose Geranium face balm, it can be used as a cuticle treatment too. In fact, any dry bits of skin could totally benefit.

The other item I like? The Frankincense light facial oil (R188).

It’s a mega-hydrating blend of peach kernel, evening primrose,
It’s a mega-hydrating blend of peach kernel, evening primrose,

While the 10ml dropper bottle looks teeny tiny, you only need two drops to cover your whole face and neck so it’ll last for ages. It can be used both day and night in place of your moisturiser or as a way to boost whatever you’re using.

As I’m a combination skin type and oil makes me nervy, I made a point of using this at night on evenings where I didn’t use my retinol serum. It blitzed any signs of dehydration it its moer and plumped up the fine lines around my eyes and mouth so it’s become one of my go-to treatments on days where I just feel plain old droog.

A sneaky trick worthy of my ending up on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates? After slapping it on my face, I wipe my fingers off on the ends of my hair as a makeshift serum. I then enjoy going to bed with skin that feels post-facial ‘glowy’ while breathing in the calm-inducing Frankincense scent. It’s in this product that the fragrance comes through loud and clear. And nope, it didn’t make my skin break out.

Keen to try the line yourself? You can buy it online, along with many other Balm Balm products, at online ‘green’ beauty store Luhla.co.za.

Love, love


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