Cargo Cosmetics are now available at selected Clicks stores across South Africa

If you haven’t noticed, Clicks’ cosmetic department is getting more and more exciting. One of their newer brands is Cargo Cosmetics and they were nice enough to send me a bunch of goodies to play with.

For those who don’t know the brand, Cargo is a professional line of make-up and brushes that’s won several big deal beauty awards overseas. They’re known for their HD line, a range of cosmetics made to look good on high definition TV as well their Swimmables splash-proof cosmetics.

Of all the cosmetics I was given, I most liked their Swimmables Water Resistant Bronzer (price TBA).

Cargo Swimmables Water Resistant Bronzer

As it’s powder particles are coated with silicone, it promises to adhere to your skin for hours and can withstand a bit of sweat and the odd splash of water. I put it to the test via my exercise bike and yep, it didn’t slide off my face when I started to sweat. Also, I noticed that once I’d swiped it onto my skin, I couldn’t wipe it off very easily. For example, I initially tested it on my wrist and any other bronzer would’ve come off after I’d rubbed it with my fingers but this one really did stay put until I really went it at with a facial wipe.

The only downer? It only comes in one shade, a shimmery (but not sparkly, thank God) medium brone, which they say should suit everyone but there’s no way that this would work on anyone lighter than a MAC NC/NW 20. (For the record, it’s looking good on my arm in the piccie above as I’m currently drenched in self-tan.)

Cargo also do fab make-up brushes so I glad to be given their MagicBrush (price TBA).

CArgo Magic Brush
Cargo’s MagicBrush

It can be used with all kinds of face powders, from powder foundation to bronzer and blush, to create an ‘airbrushed’ effect. The super soft synthetic bristles are very densely packed so it picks up lots of product and then blends it all in like a dream.

Another plus? It’s almost a carbon copy of Bobbi Brown’s Full Coverage face brush and while I don’t know what it costs just yet I can bet you it’s a snip of the price.

Oh snap!
Oh snap!

Love, love


11 thoughts on “Cargo Cosmetics are now available at selected Clicks stores across South Africa

  1. I saw the line at Clicks, but it is such an unknown brand and the quite pricey. Was looking at the matt bronzer and read a few reviews which were all positive. I am very grateful that someone at Click finally smelled the roses and are getting us some great brands from overseas.

    1. It’s only unknown in SA. But ja, I hear you, it’s not cheap and many aren’t used to seeing more expensive brands in Clicks so it feels even pricier given the context. Still, I’m so glad we’re getting more and more big international brands on our shores. Right now I’m most excited about Urban Decay which’ll be in Edgars soon.

  2. was also super excited to hear but alas think it may only be in selected clicks as i have been to a few stores and haven’t found the stand.Have my eye on the contour pallete

  3. My love for Clicks can be quantified in the cash back rewards I’m getting. What’s your thoughts on Wet ‘n Wild?

    1. Wet n Wild’s great but it depends on what you buy. Some of their stuff is cool, some of their stuff is kak. But I’m so glad it’s here as there was a point when our cheapie drugstore brands got so expensive and alternatives like Essence didn’t exist. I mean the price difference between a Revlon and Clinique mascara is now pretty close and that’s just ridiculous. In the states, Revlon is as cheap as chips.

      1. Xakly! If I’m going to pay R130 for a lipstick at Clicks/Dischem then I can buy the “real thing” from MAC / Inglot / Etc. Oh, and I’m not buying anything that’s not safety sealed from Dischem! I just switched lipstick testers on my hand en my hand jik!

  4. Hi Leigh. I have had really bad customer service from Clicks regarding Cargo cosmetics. I have submitted and online form, sent an email and phoned. Apparently only one store in the whole of Johannesburg stocks Cargo and it is miles away from me. Why would they advertise and send to people for review if it’s virtually impossible to get hold of. Could you please ask the brand manager and let me know. I would really appreciate it.:) x

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