Wanna get your Dailyfix o’ Fairlady online?

So my ou pel Roxanne who does some kind of media thing for Fairlady rocked up at my flat at the crack of dawn yesterday. Biets caught me in a vest and panties but she came bearing a free cup of piping hot Truth coffee so it was all good. That and a li’l cookie attached to a flyer announcing that Fairlady was now offering up a Dailyfix.

Ag cute man.
Ag cute man.

Obviously my first thought was ‘OMG, how novel! Fairlady now delivers dagga cookies to your door!’ but Rox was all ‘No, stupid! Dailyfix is our new lifestyle site for grown-up, stylish women’. Oh.

So, if you want to get your (legal) daily fix (of food, gardening, décor, style or competitions – not dwelms), check out Dailyfix and sign up to receive newsletters relating to the former. The pretty Pinterest-inspired site is updated every single day.

Thanks Roxanne!

Love, love


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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