Doing it for the furries: The Red Carpet Fashion Show raised over R5000 for the WWF

Last week I hit up the Red Carpet Fashion Show held at The Lookout by the V&A with my hot date, swimsuit model Brigitte Willers. Clearly I’m a total masochist ‘cos this meant being photographed side by side while wearing lots of super forgiving, always flattering white, as per the evening’s ‘nautical’ dress code.

Cheers biets!

The show, which helped raise R5000 for the World Wildlife Fund, took a good two hours to start and low-carb food was pretty scarce so we might’ve hit the champagne bar a leetle too hard. You couldn’t blame me though; you had the option of adding a shot of Chambord, my favourite bubbly-lovin’ berry liqueur, into the mix.

We downed our C&C while sitting next to Sharlene Lawrence and Sue Duminy who may or may not be a part-time zombie:

Jinnnne. Do you think JP knows what goes on in his house when he's on all those cricket tours?
Jirrre jong! Do you think JP knows what goes on in their house when he’s away playing cricket?

Other peeps out and about included the usual mix of bloggers, media and celebs:

Going clockwise you’ve got Ritza and Elrico from; Karisa from with actor/radio personality Sunil Osman and events planner Victoria Jackson; Brigitte, actress Natalie Becker et moi.

Cindy Nell was there too but all my shots of her happen to include me too and, in each and every pic, one of us is either blinking, in the middle of screaming ‘don’t make me look fat!’ or caught at angle where they look like they’re carrying a six month old food baby. (Okay, okay, so maybe it was just me – guilty of alles – but that’s why those shots are now living it up in my desktop’s recycle bin.

Still, I’m happy to help show off Cindy’s Catrice cosmetics pop up make-up studio where guests could drop in for a li’l touch up. (You know that Cindy’s the importer for Catrice, Essence and several other beauty brands into SA, right?)

Wait a second... is that chick holding a VitaminWater?! If I'd known they were there I'd so have brought a bigger handbag and 'stocked up'.
Is that chick holding a Vitamin Water? If I’d known they were there I’d so have brought a bigger handbag and ‘stocked up’.

Eventually, after a prolonged schmingle, the models hit the ramp to show off a host of mooi designer klere from the likes of Kluk CGDT, Craig Port and Jagadi Haute Couture. Alas, I didn’t take any piccies as camera doesn’t deal well with movement. In fact, to be perfectly honest, it’s actually kind of gone for a ball of shizz, mostly ‘cos I’m always dronk on launch booze and dropping it. I’m currently in the process of replacing it so, in the meantime, these shots I ripped straight out of our Red Carpet Concepts PR’s Dropbox will have to do:

When I find out which designers these were I'll be sure to update. The shots were taken by Julia Janse van Vuuren.
When I find out which designers these were I’ll be sure to update. The shots were taken by Julia Janse van Vuuren.

How much do we love that uber flowy black number on the left? There were actually a lot of maxi dresses on the runway that night. The ‘daywear’ ones where cream with pastel prints and teamed with geometric-shaped metal statement necklaces; the perfect summer outfit when you want to look the biznizz but are too damn lazy to shave/self-tan/tone your legs. I.e. the perfect summer outfit for meisies soos ek.

Alas, I never saw the end of the show. Brigitte and I had somewhere else to be so we snuck out during an interval. Our penance? Getting stuck behind a party bus filled with shrieking glow stick-wielding tweens rocking out to Katy Perry. Funsies!

If you want to see more of the pretty things that floated down the runway, keep an eye on Red Carpet Concepts’ Facebook page.

Love, love


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