Who wants to win a super cute Typo picnic set?

If you’re a Cape Town reader, you’ll know our summer seems hell bent on being fashionably late. Still, it’s got to show up eventually, and when that happens you can finally tell your dining room table that it’s over. That it can pack up it’s saddo little chairs and leave ‘cos you’re now all about eating on the ground outdoors with your hot new Typo picnic set. ‘Cos you’re totally going to win it. Yes, you meisie. I’m talking to YOU. And this is a sign that you’re going to win this blerrie picnic set, okay?*

Pretty, pretty!
Pretty, pretty!

Above is a pretty picnic set and Typo have given me a few of its pieces to give away on le blog. To be clear, however, please note that the set you’ll win doesn’t include everything in the piccie, just these boys:

Dream blanket
Pyramid speakers
Floral picnic plates
Punch jugs
Goblet glasses
Colourful straws

(I know, I know, I was bleak about the flamingos too. But the speakers are pretty decent, right?)

To win, drop me a mail on glossycomps@gmail.com with ‘Typo picnic comp’ as the subject. The comp closes at COB on Wednesday and thereafter I’ll be drawing a winner via a random number generator.

Good luck girls,


*Unless of course you don’t. Then please don’t write me horrible e-mails about how you never win anything and you have such a terrible, terrible life and totally deserve to win something or your head’s going to explode. I get a lot of mails like that actually. It’s kind of scary.

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8 thoughts on “Who wants to win a super cute Typo picnic set?

    1. You have no idea how bad they get but the worst was when I used to be the temp beauty editor at YOU/Huisegenoot/Drum. I’d get around three women a week writing in to tell me how their alcoholic husbands beat them/their druggie kids stole from them/etc, etc so could I please, please, please give them a makeover. (?!) It was actually pretty heart breaking. Kind of like a competition for who had the worst life and thus deserved a spoil. But I could never understand how they thought a new hair cut could help solve such terrible problems or even be something you’d worry about when dealing with that kind of drama.

  1. Fellow picnickers would be sooo envious! Durable and super colours – served with good food and wine would make for perfect entertainment. Email you my entry….soooo please pick me…pretty please 🙂 Fingers, toes, actually everything crossed….I am like a human pretzel…LOL!!!! xxx

  2. That is super cute. I wish Typo would stop coming out with such cute things. TYPO IS THE REASON I AM BROKE.
    Anyway, hopefully I will be lying about on this lovely blanket listening to my favourite tunes all summer long!

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